😎 🤓 🐾 MY BOOK 🐾 🤓 😎 ☮️💟🤣READ MY MIND✍️🤞 If I Could I Would Like 2 B Nice 2 U And Try 2 Entice U 2 Click On Read My Mind And B My Guest And Please Take A Look At Over 100 Poems I Wrote In My Book U Can Browse Or U Can Down Load The Whole Thing 4 Free A Little Gift Of PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 2 U From Me It Was On My Bucket List 2 Publish A Book Of My Own Poetry And Let Everyone Everywhere Outhere C LULUANDJSW Always Try 2 B Having Fun By The Ton With An Ear 2 Ear Smile On Our Faces Being Happy Go Lucky Now That I Have Reached nThe Age Of 63 All My Hopes Wishes And Dreams That I Love Were Born Inside My Heart Mind And Soul They Didn’t Grow On A Tree Even If They Sound Wacked Or Deep Or They R Sweet Like Honey My Thoughts R Mine 2 Give They Can’t B Bought With Money No Matter If They Make U Laugh Or Cry Or Scratch Your Head And Wonder Why My Brain Has Wings And Knows How 2 Fly If Only U Could C What Is Hidden From U 2 View From Behind My Naked Eye I Am Trying As Hard As I Can 2 Hold On 2 The Wings Of Time B4 They Pass Me By U Know What They Say My My Hey Hey ROCKNROLL Can Never Die GOODLUCK 2 U And Yours On Your Little  Peace Of Gods Gr8 Earth As I Enjoy My Sweet And Tasty Slice Of The American Pie Always Try 2 B The U That U Want 2 B Because U Know What They Say What Will B Will B What The Future Holds 4 Us All We Will Just Have 2 Wait And C My Life Is A One Way Trip On An Adventure That Is A Never Ending Journey Knowing One Fine Day I Will B One Of Gods Sweet Angels Flying 2 Heaven GRAVITYFREE PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌👁👁👌🤟🤙✌️ ♥️🐾👅🍀😍🥰😘😎🤓😇

😜😛😝CHIT CHAT 😝😛😜
🙂everything is tit 4 tat mindless psycho babble about this and that talk about temptation curiosity killed the cat some people like 2 talk a mouthful of scat when they know they should keep that sad and ugly chit chat under there hat some daze u r the ball and some u r the bat
My father told me don’t tuck in your shirt if u r getting fat and if u r going bald wear a hat and if your breath smells like scat don’t get 2 close 2 anyone when u chit chat sing like a bird u dirty rat a foot in the ass or the welcome mat u talkin 2 me who r u mad at or r u just blind as a bat Or r u in need of a catnap it’s as simple as that u can’t win them all we all know better than that sounds like old hat Jack sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean and so between them both u c they licked the platter clean Jack ate all the lean Joan ate all the fat the bone they picked clean then gave it 2 the cat shootin the shit blowin off steam or chew the fat and if u believe that I’ll eat my hat if I sense that something is not right then I smelled a rat if u believe in magic the way I do watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat it’s all just piss in the ocean water under the bridge that’s just a drop in the hat Tom Jones sings what’s new pussycat and Jeff Beck does goodbye pork pie hat he’s not a guitar player that’s easy 2 copycat if u think everything u got is hot aristocrat check your thermostat u would b better as a daring young man on the flying trapeze performing as an aerial acrobat in a circus habitat in the twilight zone with Vic Morrow playing combat in a virtual world format and when your done everything comes out in the wash so get some detergent and go 2 the laundromat and grin like a Cheshire Cat and leave it at that u know there’s not enough room in here 2 swing a cat don’t Fall flat right off the bat who r u trying 2 throw the book at going 4 the jugular like a vampire bat when people live in glass houses they shouldn’t throw stones and they should wear a hard hat if u think u want 2 poke some fun at a fat cat right off the bat who do u think u r looking down your nose at pack rat I can hear your dirty little feet go pity Pat leave it at that pest don’t make me get my gnat hat and protect myself with a baseball bat it’s better 2 chit chat than it is 2 get in a spat pick a side and enjoy the ride it’s as simple as that is planet earth round or flat Al Stewart had a hit single called year of the cat I want 2 stand on the rock that Moses stood or sit on the throne where King Tut sat when I am not buzzing around on my flying carpet I use it as a welcome mat don’t tell anyone about my crazy little secrets keep it under your hat I am just like Mr. Magoo blind as a bat wishing I had 9 lives like courageous cat and take a shot at a bucket list of all my hopes wishes and dreams and pray 2 never stop trying 2 hammer away at everything I want 2 go my way everynight and everyday and that’s that like Merlin the magician I plan on pulling everything I want in life out of my magichat ✍️🙏

🦃heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere I hope uall have a awesome beautiful and amazing fantabulous HappyThanksgivingDay and everything u hope wish dream and pray goes your way u know what they say every dog has his day don’t live a life that is all work and no play always smile come what may it’s all child’s play it’s good 2 pray b4 u hit the hay it’s what u do not what u say crime doesn’t pay u have 2 pay 2 play if there is a Will there is a way make your move right away or things might not happen until light years away the day after
ThanksGivingDay is Black Friday sometimes the imagination drifts and it doesn’t realize it and the mind gets lost in space miles away 2day is just another day just like yesterday and by the looks of it tomorrow is going 2 b the same way how about if we compromise and u meet me halfway and we both make out at the end of the day 2morrow is not promised 2 anyone keep on breathing and don’t pass away chill out and enjoy a slow day don’t do anything foolish and rub someone the wrong way it scares me 2 think how it takes my breath away like a school trip have a field day go all in and let the chips fall where they may don’t let your house of cards blow away walk tall just like back in the day everything is 50 – 50 u win the day or u call it a day we r all made by gods hands using human clay learn 2 live 2 love another day oh yeah by the way I wasn’t born yesterday don’t hold me at bay in a bad way or lead me astray let’s go have a Carvel’s hot fudge Sunday let’s do it my way or the highway while the cats away the mice will play always make plans 2 take a roll in the hay be wise and think smart about the time u slay take a hit of this and get blown away everyday remember 2 put your smile on display we drive on the parkway and we park in the driveway my my hey hey rock and roll is here 2 stay Julius Erving is Dr. J the Steve Miller Band plays Living In The U.S.A.
Daniel Powter has a song with 225 million views titled Bad Day U2 says it’s a Beautiful Day Alan Parsons sings about the games people play and Frank Sinatra said I Did It My Way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY peace hangloose iloveu ok😍🥰😘

❤️💋good or special 💋❤️🍀
🤸🏿‍♀️I guess 4 some people that come 2 c LULUANDJSW @ aneyefullofearcandy they might think or feel like there is nothing good or special here about Lulu and me I leave it 2 the eyes and ears of the beholder I’m not sorry I don’t expect 2 b able 2 please everybody one out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce because 2 people agree 2 4EVER disagree I come first when it comes 2 making anyone happy u have 2 love yourself b4 u can love anyone else love is a feeling not just words we say it’s what a person does and if love is real your eyes will let u know if it’s true by what they SEE🥰👁👁
🤸🏿‍♀️heythere hothere highthere
I have some information I would like 2 share with everyone everywhere outthere
It has been 42 years since I had a KOOL cigarette 🚬 between my fingers 2 squeeze
🤸🏿‍♀️and it has been 36 years since I did drugs and indulged on some wild and wacky cosmic debris 💊😵‍💫😵🫠🤪
🤸🏿‍♀️it has been 85 months since I had any alcohol at all the world looks better with a clear mind standing tall than it does crawling around on my hands and knees 🤢🥴🤮🍺🍸🥃🤸🏿‍♀️it has been 58 months since I worked and sold my soul 4 the love of dough I like 2 burn a fat one and let it all go it’s my life and my time 2 kill so I guess I am going 2 do whatever the phuck I please😜
🤸🏿‍♀️on the Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill in 1995 She had a song with over 34 million views where she sings I have one hand in my pocket and the other one is flicking a cigarette 🚬 I love her voice it’s as sweet ay honey 🍯
🤸🏿‍♀️I love Frank Zappa and he has a song with over 6 million views called COSMIK DEBRIS
from his album in 1974 titled
🤸🏿‍♀️the RED ROCKER SAMMY HAGAR has a beautiful song called HANDS AND KNEES
with a video that’s wild and crazy that shows how he used 2 b 🥁🎸🎤
🤸🏿‍♀️I love AC/DC and they have a song with over 11 million views called What Do You Do For Your Money Honey 🍯🎸
🤸🏿‍♀️JAMES BROWN has an awesome song he sings called Please Please Please That makes me happy 😃😆😁😄
🤸🏿‍♀️OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY I will b me and u b u and I want uall 2 know that I always give it my best trying 2 b GOOD OR SPECIAL as I can b peacecya THANKU 2 everyone that comes 2 c LULUANDJSW @ aneyefullofearcandy u make me smile from ear 2 ear and u make me happy as a person like me could ever b 💋💋💋

❤️‍🔥❤️❤️‍🔥❤️ 66 ❤️‍🔥❤️❤️‍🔥❤️
✝️heythere hothere highthere
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share JSW here and I just wanted 2 say 2day is my 66th awesome beautiful and amazing happy birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁
✝️I hope all is good in your neck of the woods and everything is going the way it should in your neighborhood
Rodney King said it best can’t we all just get along I don’t think so but I hope wish dream and pray we could if we all lived life like sister and brother with nothing but peace love and happiness 4 each other it is then that the meaning of life will b understood 🙏🍀😘
✝️I am still trying 2 get my kicks when I look up my sleeve I can c I still possess handful’s of tricks and I am still doing cartwheels 🤸🏿‍♀️ at 66 listening 2 guitar picks playing hot licks watching the clock like a bomb make time disappear in2 oblivion as it ticks with the way of the world 2day I would rather live on a homestead off the grid somewhere Outthere in the sticks every rose has a thorn and I am getting tired of being stuck by all the nasty little pricks they say if people think the Super Bowl is the worlds biggest toilet they all must b redneck hicks life is a song and a dance so get outthere and sing 2 your hearts content and let your happy feet get in the mix and try not 2 burn your candles on both ends thinking u can get more done lighting 2 wicks it only leaves a trail of destruction that causes pain and problems that u might not b able 2 fix as I got older I always tried 2 do what’s right and walk a path that is lit up by heavens light and every morning when I wake and bake I look up in the sky and thank god and grab my gold chain and I kiss my crucifix 💋✝️😇

❤️‍🔥heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere JSW here and I was wondering if I could whisper in your ear a poem I wrote that I want u 2 hear on November 15th I will b 66 and in my mind I will say whoops there goes another year everyday I walk a tightrope without a net thru life hoping 2 hear the crowd below cheer and everynight I fly around dreamland ducking nightmare’s in high gear with smile on my face from ear 2 ear with a positive mental attitude that I never second guess without a speck of fear we all need some affection and tenderness our fathers son died on the cross 4 our sin’s
now that’s what I call heavens sweetness that’s y every morning when I wake up I kiss the crucifix and look up in the sky and say GODBLESS I am on a journey 2 the houses of the holy 2 float on the clouds of bliss and run through the fields of joy in a state of divine peacefulness but until that day I’m going 2 burn a fat one and chase the birds and bees like an Appaloosa running the Preakness making my heart pound and drop me 2 my knees as I try 2 chase away anxiety and stress the peace love and happiness I feel 4 my wife Donna because of her uniqueness and deepness and 4 having the mind of a genius they say love is the drug that we can’t live without and from now until eternity L O V E
is the fix we all will always want
And 4ever will b our biggest weakness so give the one u can’t live without a loving caress and seal the deal with a hug and kiss swaddled in a blanket of peace love and happiness and endless tenderness😍🥰😘💋🤓✝️
🌝the total eclipse Full Blood 🩸Moon and the Full Beaver Moon were a sight 2 c I have some pictures 2 show everybody and hope uall agree
Try Some sky art eyecandy i love the way our father uses outer space like a tv creating astrological masterpieces 4 u and me 2 catch a little peace of mind 4 free so keep your EYES2THESKY that’s where mine plan 2 b ✌️🤙🤟👌🌝

😍😍😍 T H I R S T 😍😍😍
😘my imagination is an endless fountain that quenches my poetic THIRST
😘I am not the best and I am not the WORST
😘I have run 7 marathon’s in my life and I didn’t finish last and I didn’t finish FIRST
😘I just try 2 keep ROLLIN like
Limp Bizkit and FRED DURST
😘life is gods movie and the part u play in it is candid and can’t b REHEARSED
😘4 some life is like a fresh baked pie and 4 others every breath they take is CURSED
😘I am in it 4 the long haul as I live love laugh and play now
After the way I lived my life blown away until I was 30 like I was trying 2 live it all in one quick BURST
😘let the thoughts that u think
In your mind b the idea’s that help u find the things that quench your imagination’s Thirst 😘always give everything u do your best and let the one’s that don’t try b the worst 😘never b the last 2 do the right thing first 😘keep your lights on and your engine running just like Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst 😘the future happens so fast the part u play in it all is candid and can’t b rehearsed 😘your life is yours 2 live try not 2 live a life that is negatively cursed 😘don’t live your life like there is no 2morrow and go out in one quick burst 😘OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🍀

✍️ANDTHEBEATGOESON everyday from dusk til dawn while u r alive and long after u r dead and gone when I was young some nights when I was high as the moon in the sky I would wake up in the morning and find my truck on the front lawn and cops banging on my door telling me 2 hit the floor with there guns drawn it’s deep inside the mind where the best and the craziest dreams and nightmares spawn never sell your soul 4 the love of dough or sacrifice your body like a chess game pawn
Sonny & Cher have a song with over 2 million views titled
✍️some of us have baggage that is more like freight that weighs us down with the anchors we tow that eventually drag us under struggling 2 handle the weight life is tough and the older u get the Goin gets rough some days u smile away the day come what may and some daze u swear 2 god that u had enough and u roll a fat one and take a big puff of that skunky stuff and play blind man’s bluff say what u think and let the words fly straight off the cuff push your feelings 2 the edge of your mind and give them a shove
If u want some love u have 2 give some love the bird of peace is a white winged dove they say when we pass away all of our thoughts from the beginning 2 the end will b the only things we leave this life thinking of it makes me cry when I think about all of the friends and family that I lost that now live in the house’s of the holy floating in the sky’s above ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌✍️
✍️2 everyone everywhere outthere the best daze of your life r still on the way u ain’t seen nothing yet in 1974 Bachman Turner Overdrive did a song that now has over 18 million views called You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet the year I was born 56 is my favorite Corvette and cherry 🍒 red would b my favorite color and that’s a bet and if I play my cards right that’s a dream I hope I live 2 c it would b my own little fantasy and a heavenly gift from god that I would b blessed 2 get I choose 2 live my life like the Wallendas crossing Times Square 25 stories off the street on a tight rope without a net live your life while u r young and strong because time flys by like a jet and it don’t last long don’t wait until it’s 2 late 2 get your feet wet if u want 2 live the good life u have 2 follow your heart and the goals u set u win some and u lose some failure means at least u tried and is just the learning process 2 finding out it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears 2 earn the things in this world that u hope wish dream and pray 2 get doing everything your way without regret Donna is the most awesome beautiful and amazing human being I have ever met I knew the first time I saw her my future was already planned and set I knew 4 the rest of my life we would b an inseparable duet when I go 2 the otherside I look 2 c Toby Igor Tricky and Pumpkin because they were my best friends in this life and I never ever thought of any of them as something i owned or just a simple house pet I gave back my astronauts helmet and suit 2 NASA when I turned 30 because I no longer wanted 2 b a space cadet everything u live and learn growing up in this world r all lessons in your life about right and wrong that u should never 4get and like I said in the beginning of this thing it’s better 2 b here than it is 2 b gone always let the imagination in your mind b the place where all your hopes wishes and dreams spawn trust your thoughts that u think
2 create the master plans of your life b4 they r laid out and drawn let your brain b the train u ride everyday from dusk until dawn and alway remember with or without u it doesn’t matter weather u r here or gone just like the words in Sonny And Cher’s song drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain 🥁🧠🥁🧠🥁🧠🥁🧠
✌️🤙🤟👌JSW ✌️🤙🤟👌
Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good 2 Eat
On November 8th Tuesday 2022 the Beaver Full Moon accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon will b here real soon and we all can sing that gr8 old Dean Martin Amore Tune I hope the weather goes our way and we all get 2 watch the man on the moon live love laugh and play

✍️they say when u sleep with the dogs u wake up with the FLEAS ✍️it’s a shame how everyone on the left in blue can’t c the forest 4 the trees✍️RADIOHEAD has a beautiful song with over 59 million views called FAKE PLASTIC TREES ✍️Robert Plant sings squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg and if u r a curious cat wanting 2 know what is hidden within a magician’s hat listen 2 TEMPTED with over one million views by the British rock band SQUEEZE✍️I know when I play with the birds and the bees it makes me happy and I say COOLBEANS or BEESKNEES✍️there is an awesome beautiful and amazing song titled ISLANDS IN THE STREAM with over 6 million views by the BEE GEES ✍️
✍️always tell the one u love god blessed u with a body that brings me 2 my knees I don’t mind saying I feel like Oliver Twist when I say 2 u
Could I Have Some More Please ✍️
✍️I just can’t live without having a healthy helping of Homemade Mac and Cheese✍️u r the Genie and all of your hopes wishes and dreams r in the bottle waiting 2 b set free when u give the command ✍️
✍️hey don’t bogart that joint pass it over 2 me so I can go crazy and feel my lungs expand ✍️
✍️they say the best laid plans always find a way 2 go astray no matter how good they r thought out and planned ✍️
✍️when I was a young kid I used 2 imagine on Thanksgiving Day that I was skipping down the Yellow Brick Road with Toto holding on 2 Dorothy ‘s hand ✍️
✍️every night when I am sleeping tight my imagination takes me on a flight after I sniff pixie dust with Tinkerbell holding her hand as I fly in2 the light on my way 2 Dreamland✍️one day I will b an Angel and fly away when things no longer r gonna go my way I am just a simple man and I have never been a king 4 a day if I asked u what u think of me what would u say I like 2 make videos 4 everyone everywhere outthere 2 view it’s your choice 2 just push play life is filled with the games people play and nothing is free in this world u have 2 pay 2 play and everyday u say I’m ok and other daze I’m not ok and the next thing I know hey I’m ok singing my my hey hey rock and roll is here 2 stay and everynight b4 I go 2 sleep my soul is all gods 2 keep is what I say when I pray we r all precious works of art made with tender loving care by the hands of god way up there in heaven somewhere with the miracles of magic hidden within the life giving human clay ✍️
🙏I know everyone everywhere outthere might not like the way I live love laugh and play acting like Frank Sinatra doing everything in my life my way well u know what they say life is a highway and we all drive on the parkway and we park in the driveway
and I apologize 2 no one 4 the way I chase everything I hope wish dream and pray 🙏
Peace hangloose iloveu ok ✍️
✍️Keep a smile on your face everynight and everyday
Come what may and give it away 2 everyone u meet out on the street that Passes by your way ✍️😎🤓😍😛😜😝💋

👁 👁 👁 E Y E 👁 👁 👁 😎
✍️ EYE know everyone that stops by aneyefullofearcandy might not feel the same way as me or read what 👁 think and say ok 👁 can look at this and c it EYE 2 EYE ✍️ Luscious Jackson had a gr8 song on there second album Fever In Fever Out in 1996 called NAKED EYE ✍️ the clock is the real thief in everyone’s life that causes us all a ton of grief and disbelief and brings a tear 2 my EYE as EYE watch it go sailing by without saying hello or goodbye like a jet flying thru the sky and 👁 know 👁 will never catch up 2 it no matter how hard 👁 try ✍️ everyone’s life is a book each day a new paragraph about being happy as a cage free Giraffe or laughing like John Nash when he figured out all the secrets 2 math and some we frown like a sad clown getting kicked out of town or like being one of the Flying Wallendas Troupe who died tragically when they fell down 2 the ground with a tear in your EYE putting on some wader’s 2 keep your feet dry while standing in the river that u cry life is all about ups and downs and our father who art in heaven is the only one who knows all the reasons Y✍️ they say when u cough u get off we all have some habit or vice that sends our minds on a trip 2 paradise because whatever it is it makes us feel so nice win or lose it’s worth the gamble every time we roll the dice and we knew the first time we did it that we were definitely going 2 do it again a lot more than twice running thru a maze like we r trained pied piper mice paying the price never taking good advice like your head was a block of ice as 4 myself what 👁 do 👁 don’t condone it 4 anyone else 👁 don’t drink or take drugs but 👁 like 2 burn a big fatty and getting a cottonmouth so dry 👁 could spit a pair of socks if 👁 try and laugh so hard that 👁 cry it’s just part of the fun 👁 have when 👁 get HIGH and when 👁 get my angels wings and 👁 am given permission 2 fly u can roll me up and smoke me when 👁 die ✍️ some of the best things in life r free they r not material things that money can buy that’s why 👁 always keep my EYES2THESKY 2 try and catch a shooting star flying by or a FullMoon filling up the night sky and sunrise’s and sunsets that make u sigh and in the back of your mind u think wow when it comes 2 the natural wonders of awesome beautiful and amazing eyecandy skyart god has a magically mystifying all seeing EYE 2 b able 2 create a precious and fragile butterfly or a place like heaven 4 all life 2 go when we die belief faith and more time 2 live r 3 things in life that money can’t buy it’s what 👁 say when 👁 pray that keeps the path of light lit as 👁 live love laugh and play with a smile on my face everynight and everyday that makes the life 👁 live and the world 👁 live it in a better place 2 stay all the way 2 the time 👁 pass away and 👁 meet old Saint Pete at the pearly gates and tell him peace hangloose iloveu ok seeing is believing when 👁 can check out the other side 4 myself with my own naked 👁EYE👁there is a cool song 👁 love by a gr8 Rock and Roll band called Judas Priest on there 1982 album Screaming For Vengeance with over 20 million views titled ELECTRIC EYE👁

😍♥️♥️♥️S K Y ♥️♥️♥️😍
❤️‍🔥never think your arms r 2 short 2 hold hands with god when u reach 4 the S K Y
❤️‍🔥fish swim through water just like birds when they spread there wings and fly
❤️‍🔥everyday happiness and joy
walks hand and hand with sadness and pain some days u smile and laugh and some daze u r upset and cry
❤️‍🔥don’t go crazy trying 2 figure out all the answers 2 everything good or bad our father who art in heaven Is the only one who knows all the reasons why
❤️‍🔥we r all gods creatures we come and we go it’s the nature of the beast we live love laugh and play and then we die
❤️‍🔥they say the tears u cry is the way the body and mind releases sorrow and heartache from the misfortune’s and tragedies we endure in our lives that reality has in its supply
❤️‍🔥some people like 2 live there life on the edge like daredevils gliding on skates of fire where the ice is as thin as a sheet of GLASS
❤️‍🔥with the regime fuel crisis in America it won’t b 2 long b4 we start playing that KINKS song from 1979 on the Low Budget album called
❤️‍🔥in 1975 with seconds left on the clock Roger Staubach threw a 50 yard pass 2 Drew Pearson 4 a come from behind win that popularized the saying we know 2 this day as the
❤️‍🔥I remember coming in2 school late and going 2 the principals office and a former State Policeman Mr Bookholt said 2 me hey kid u smell like u were standing in a field of burning grass
❤️‍🔥when I was a wild child growing up my father said I was 2 little 2 get a whoopen
so he used 2 just put his foot in my ass
❤️‍🔥in the 70s every party I went 2 that had a pool I folded my clothes in a nice pile by the keg and proceed 2 the diving board and put on an exhibition
of gainers and flips like I was on Johnny Knoxvilles jackass
❤️‍🔥when I used 2 get blind out of my mind trying 2 find Ozzy Osbourne and ride shooting stars with the High Priestess of the Midnight Mass
❤️‍🔥above our heads the houses of the holy in heaven float among the clouds in the
❤️❤️❤️❤️ S K Y ❤️❤️❤️❤️

🤸🏿‍♀️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸 H E L L O 🤸🤸‍♂️🤸🏿‍♀️
✍️hey HELLO I thought I would let uall know that I haven’t indulged on any alcohol at all 4 over 84 months and I am doing cartwheels living life as happy as can b from head 2 toe as I continue my journey in2 the future with my mind heart and soul full of peace love and happiness and I am good 2 go my brain is where I gather my hidden treasures and plant the seeds of my imagination and pray that they grow my poetry is a crystal ball of thought that would never b caught if I didn’t concentrate on every pitch that I throw it makes me happy 2 c all the people that come 2 c LULUANDJSW @ aneyefullofearcandy being wild and crazy 4 free putting on our comedy smoke an mirror show
with LULU running by my side kissing my face and wagging her tail with our ship at full sail without fail every time the winds of fortune blow knowing the hands of the clock chase us all the time without reason or rhyme from the cradle 2 the grave and thats y I like 2 spend mine laying low burning a big fatty taking it slow watching humanity as it passes by the pane of glass outside of my picture window October is a gr8 month full of amazing things 2 do we have Breast Care Awareness events 4 us 2 do trying 2 help those in need with the hardships they r going through and we all can make a huge impact on peoples lives that need help that can b supplied by time and effort put forth by me and you so everyone everywhere outthere Think Pink 💝the whole month thru and we also have Octoberfests 2 enjoy the whole month diving in2 the different cultures celebrated in other parts of the world and Taste there impeccable and delectable delicacy’s and catch a good beer buzz consuming Steins full of there many satisfying and delicious hops malt Pilsner and Lager tastebud satisfying brews so
try 2 drink responsibly so u don’t wake up the next day trying 2 recover your head and body by paying your dues on the couch with the blues from overeating and floating a battleship around in your belly from drinking 2 much booze on Sunday October 9th we will b blessed with the FULLHUNTERMOON or the FULLBLOODMOON so keep your EYES2THESKY because it will b here real soon floating way up high in the sky like the worlds biggest Stringless Cheddar Cheese Balloon and we can all sing 2gether as one 2 the ManOnTheMoon that old awesome beautiful and amazing Dean Martin AMORE TUNE and the next thing we know it’s a holiday that can’t b beat called HALLOWEEN that is a fantabulous time 4 all the kids 2 TRICK OR TREAT in search of some good sweet treats 2 eat decked out as magnificent and thrilling action figures and iconic people and scary costumes from the tops of there heads 2 the shoes on there feet never knowing who will b the next surprise ringing your doorbell 4 u 2 greet and try and guess the all the names of the children u meet trying 2 fulfill all there hopes wishes and dreams parading in your neighborhood and on your street that u r blessed by the heavens above 2 greet on this universal costume party that happens on every October 31st that can’t b beat and makes every little boy and girls year complete
💝🌝🎃🍺BYOU 💝🌝🎃🍺
we r all unique creatures set free on our own path 2 do whatever we want 2 everyones life is a gift given by god that was created with peace love and happiness out of human clay especially just 4 YOU