No fomo here my dear

The definition of fomo is the FEAR OF MISSING OUT on good times and cheer

All the vapors pills and powders won’t help us 2 find our future hopeswishesanddreams

hiding in a shot and a beer

Love the life u live because one never knows if the end is far away or if it’s near

My willpower is strong

Every minute of the day 24-7 all year long

Life is the music we dance 2 and the words I write make it a song

I am never alone even if it’s just LULUANDJSW on our own

We both just kick back and chill with a big fat and tasty bone 🦴

My 5 best friends in the world that I hang out with the most

R Donna Lulu our father his son and the Holy Ghost

God is my pilot and I am his passenger enjoying the ride

Everyday I am going 2 enjoy whatever comes my way until I reach the other side

Happiness and being sad walk hand and hand

Life is all about the times u laughed and cried

Life can change in the blink of an eye so always remember 2 keep your peepers open wide

the best day of my life was when I became Donna’s husband and she became my beautiful and amazing BRIDE

We all have 2 make our way in this world and all the PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS

It takes 2 make it god has supplied


Keep on living loving laughing and playen



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