Facebook Free 160 Daze

LULUANDJSW have been fb free 160 daze

It’s a place where people take bullshit baths and dress them selves up 4 all the pity parties and try and convince each other that there life is better than yours a place where people think they r always right and what they think and say and post and there opinions r the only ones worth paying attention 2 personally I wish I never went on that wacked  out world of insecure people who need 2 b babied and cuddled

It’s a place where people try 2 swim 4 pleasure in a pool of pain one day u r cool the next they flush u down the drain I don’t need or want 2 have a relationship with fake people acting like they give a shit about anyone else but themselves and there bullshit posts everyone on fb is a genius because they have google brain a bunch of fact finding Columbos don’t miss being there and I don’t miss the fake friends hiding behind the keypad I love the life I live and don’t need 2 reconnect with a past that was riddled with a degraded life of sex drugs and alcohol and all my memories of my youth r phucked up and that’s what people remember about me and I remember about u

I stopped living that lifestyle when I was 30 and don’t miss it or anyone I almost died hanging out with thinking I was having fun I walk in2 the future without the urge 2 go back 2 the past ever again 2 all the people who think they know me haha 🤣 have a nice life take care maybe I will c u  on the dark side of the moon the only thing I miss about the past is I wish I lived my life the right way and not let myself b dragged through hell being friends with the devils rejects



And keeping a smile on my face throughout the day COMEWHATMAY

All I can say is everyday I like 2 hope wish dream and pray

My heart beat does not rely

On a long list of fake friends that the fb world try’s 2 supply

I usually say cya but 2 who it may concern

G O O D B Y E 🖐🤚✋👋

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