EYES2THESKYS check out Mr Sunshine with tears in his eyes 😭
They say the fires burning on the west coast r the reason our happy friend cry’s😢
It looks like the demrats r tired of destroying everything in Oregon and California ⚒
Now the demrats let the 3 terrorist squads they own and operate the blm antifa and illegal aliens burn down these 2 states I want 2 warn ya 🤨
The demrats politicians r filthy dirty scum from the top 2 the bottom 🤬
I can’t wait 4 the other shoe 2 drop and all the demrat liars and criminals get popped and they hear the FEDS radio in 2 TRUMP WE GOTTEM 😜
The biden 🖤 kamila administration wants 2 take America on a ride straight 2 hell 👹
The biden rape and selling America out 2 china iran and the Ukraine also spying on Trump his son hunters new found billions when will they all go 2 jail 4 there treasonous acts only time will tell 😡
I am investing all my hopes and dreams IN MR TRUMP and I am throwing them in the wishing well 🍀🤞
If u follow biden his plan is 2 advertise the USA as a piece of land he wants 2 sell 🤬
It seems like xi and china along side of the ukrane and iran must have the demrat party under a mentally deranged voodoo spell ☠️💀
Let’s all vote 2 re-elect President Trump in November
The second time around is a charm let’s all give these lowlife
Scum of the earth bullshit purveyors another historic election 2 remember 😜😝😛
The best PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA IN MY EYES ITS A FORFEIT THE demrats don’t even have a contender 💪🤛✊👊
The demrats should all have a toilet paper holder screwed on the side of their heads 2 wipe the bullshit off their lips when they talk and they should all fall on their swords and surrender 😎
PHUCKYOURFELLINGS 2 any demrats that don’t like what I said because I struck a nerve or touched your hearts and minds in a spot that is tender 😘
Soon all the hate demrats give REPUBLICANS will b doubled and delivered back 2 them with this message RETURN2SENDER
🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP PENCE 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

🇺🇸TRUMP PENCE 2020 🇺🇸
🇺🇸I stump 4 TRUMP 🇺🇸
😜the only thing Biden’s head is missing is a lid so REPUBLICANS can use it 2 take a dump😜😝😛👁👁😛😝😜
He doesn’t know what he is saying and he can’t seem 2 turn off the bullshit pump 🤪
He should wear pants on his head and walk backwards with a face painted on his rump 🤣
Vote 2 Re-elect President Trump In November✌️🤙🤟👌
Make This Election An Awesome Beautiful And Amazing Day 2 Remember ♥️