🌞💚the colors in the clouds at sunset yesterday caught my green eyes by surprise and brought me outside
💝I love it when the sky looks like gods art is taking all the clouds 4 a ride
💘like they r surfing on the crest of a wave at high tide
💖 it gives me a natural buzz that leaves me with an ear2ear smile in a state of bliss pie eyed
💗last night we watched the awesome beautiful and amazing Geminids meteor shower 👁👁
❤️2nite is supposed to be the best night 2 c the shooting stars fly sometimes as many as 120 per hour 😳
💕it truly is a heavenly sight 2 c
💞on a lounge chair in the gr8 wide open or in your back yard is where u want 2 b
❣️If u want 2 take in the skyhigh eyecandy show there’s no place like home and it’s free
💙May everything go your way
💜as uall live love laugh and play
💛always chasing what u hope wish dream and pray
💓keep a smile on your face throughout the day come what May
🧡it makes the life u live and the house u call home a better place 2 stay
🤎OHWELL PEACEYALL that’s all I have 2 say
🤍peace hangloose Iloveu ok
♥️if there is something u really got 2 have in bad way all u have 2 do is click your heel twice and say 😝🤣ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY

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