🌝 AFullSnowMoon 🌝
🛸last night was THEFULLSNOWMOON and I hoped wished and prayed the skies would b clear 🌎
🚀from 6:00pm till 10:00 pm I had my EYES2THESKY with a possum eating shit smile on my face from ear 2 ear 😜
🛰it was a little cloudy at first but like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat 4 a career🐰
😇god said ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY and just like that he cleared the stage 4 THEFULLSNOWMOON
2 appear 🌝
🙃in 2020 we werelucky 2 have had 13 fullmoons 2 gaze upon unlike 2021 we will only have the normal 12 this year 💝
💖since I was young I have loved fullmoons rainbows and shooting stars and I save the memories of them in my heart and mind and I keep them near and I will always hold them dear until I pass on and I get my Angel wings and I get permission 2 fly outta here ✝️
🍀peace hangloose iloveu ok hey one fine day we will all live love laugh and play among the stars and planets floating around inside that gigantic Candy bar we call the Milky Way with a smile on our face as we take on the future in heaven and enjoy every second of the PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS that is put on display by our Father his Son and the Holy Ghost and become part of everything created 4 us in an awesome beautiful and amazing eternal promise land where all the faithful followers in search of the mansions of glory way up high in the sky built 4 all of us 2 stay 😇OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 😘

✌️🤙🤟👌💝💝👌🤟🤙✌️🌝 THEFULLSNOWMOON 🌝
✍️this morning I had my EYES2THESKY and I got a little pink in my eye as I watched the clouds float on by it made me wish that I was a bird and I could fly like ICARUS and have fun u just can’t get 2 close 2 the sun u never know if u never try don’t wait till it’s 2 late live everyday 2 the fullest u never know when it’s your turn 2 die
✍️got my head In2 the clouds b4 I started 2 color on the StonersDrawings9-10 and I said here we go again it’s a mental state of zen it doesn’t matter where or when it’s my imagination taking a little trip on my own space ship every now and then and I can tell u this my friend if u think I am the whacked out crazy kind getting blind all the time going out of my mind hey I just want 2 say until I am dead this shit is never going 2 end I am ready 2 ride this Astro Plane over the hill and around the bend this is a shout out 2 everyone everywhere outthere and peace love and happiness is the message that I send if u have something 2 say I have an ear 2 lend 😍🥰😘
🤓peace hangloose iloveu ok hey I wanted 2 stop and tell uall about the FULLSNOWMOON on 2-27-21 Saturday I hope wish dream and pray that the weather is in our favor and the skies above r filled with amazing grace as the heavens live love laugh and play sending a visual display of mystical eye candy our way may PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS
and keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life u live and the world u live in a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 😎😜

💘the skys were a brilliant surprise at sunrise a feast 4 the eyes a magnificent sight at first light with beautiful colors shining bright leaving the mind in a state of bliss and my heart beating with sheer delight and the smile on my face that says everything everywhere outthere
is going 2 b alright and I thank the man upstairs 4 the mental meal and I tell him I enjoyed the eye candy and I loved every bite💝
✍️well I dove head first In2 the pool of imagination trying 2 quench my mental thirst swimming in the Stoners Coloring Book and I floated in outer space with a smile on my face putting the colors like actors in the right place on the StonersDrawingNumber8 without time 2 waste I give my head a healthy bone 2 taste and I get lost inside the picture and I am gone without a trace I look 4ward 2 everyday and if not the night b4 I say a prayer just in case god bless and all the best 2 uall with all the hopes wishes and dreams that u chase 💝

✍️ TheStonersDrawings6-7 ✍️
😍we live in a world where the time is always tight when we c it fly by we try 2 grab it by the tail and hold on with all our might 24 -7 365 daze a year we chase the hands on the clocks face and everyday we lose the race and FatherTime wins the fight now that I am 64 as I live love laugh and play my life away the hourglass hasn’t been quite polite I just hope wish dream and pray that everything in my life will end up alright 💝
😍The Stoners Coloring Book provides the picture and I add the colors that gives it a new life that shines bright in the light day or night but b4 I start 2 express what I feel in my heart about art I get high as kite and I go on a mental magic flight every time trying 2 reach a new height where I float in a state of bliss smiling from ear 2 ear with sheer delight 💝
😍create some art that becomes a permanent fixture and represents the way u c it in your mind as u let the colors become a perfect mixture when u take a voyage In2 a STONERSCOLORINGBOOK captivating mind blowing and brain teasing awesome beautiful and amazing picture💝💝💝💝✍️✍️💝💝💝💝


💘yesterday at sunrise there was a sight 4 the whole world 2 c that was an awesome beautiful and amazing surprise when I looked 2 the heavenly sky’s with my eager 2 c green eyes trying 2 catch the clouds using color 4 a temporary disguise that is guaranteed 2 tantalize and hypnotize with the free peace love and happiness that flies thru the friendly skies that the powers that b likes 2 advertise thanx b 2 our father his son and the Holy Ghost 4 all the miracles of magic that each one of them supply’s ☮️💟✝️
✍️hey I just wanted 2 stop and say I put on my space x helmet and suit and I took a little trip haha my feet were on the ground but my mind was blind trying 2 find a black hole in the Milky Way like Chewbacca I am just a Wookiee that wakes up everyday hoping 2 get out and live love laugh and play so I grabbed my Coloring Book and I started and finished StonersDrawingNumber5 and I said what a gr8 day 2 b alive every morning I wake up I thank god 4 letting me continue 2 hope wish dream and pray knowing that with faith everything is possible so I will pretend 2 b Merlin The Magician and say ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
and keep a smile on my face everyday because I know it makes the life I live and the house I call home a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY😍😍🥰PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 😎

⛄️LULUANDJSW took a little trip 2 SNOWMANSLAND ❄️
⛄️we built ourselves a MR FROSTY and his best friend Snowflake the frozen puppy and we did all by paw and hand
❄️⛄️everything went good u would think an engineer and a rocket scientist had it all thought out and planned ❄️
⛄️2 everyone everywhere outthere this message of love goes out 2 all of u ❄️
⛄️from the hearts souls and minds of of LULUANDJSW ❄️
⛄️we hope wish dream and pray that everything goes your way doing whatever it is uall choose 2 do ❄️
⛄️let peace love and happiness b the main ingredients in the reasons y u have a smile on your face the whole day through ❄️
⛄️time moves as fast as a bullet from a gun ❄️
⛄️remember 2 try and stop 2 build a snow dog and man as u live your life on the run ❄️
⛄️try 2 always live love laugh and play and make a vow 2 always try and have fun by the ton❄️⛄️live 2 love and love 2 live everyday like there is no 2morrow ALLTHEBEST 2 u and yours Haveagr8one ❄️
⛄️make sure that when u kneel by the side of your bed and pray 2 god your soul 2 keep u have sweet dreams and a good nights sleep when every awesome beautiful and amazing day is done❄️

✌️well I hopped on the color wheel and I took on DRAWINGNUMBER4 🍀b4 I got goin I had 2 roll a giant hard 2 hold in one hand tasty bone and I smoked a little more 🍀I wanted 2 make sure that if I was a apple I got stoned 2 the core 🍀I gave chase after my imagination that was on a trip like Hans Solo taking a cruise through outer space creating art that gives me a happy face as I try 2 make a tasty peace of eyecandy 4 my mind 2 eat trying 2 make the world I live in a better place 🍀GOODLUCK 2 everyone everywhere outthere with a STONERSCOLORINGBOOK 🍀
It’s a good way 2 get your creative juices 2 cook 🍀when u finish coloring a page u will b blown away by what u c when u take a good long look 🍀the sky was a cool cotton candy pink at sunset yesterday 🍀 the sun and clouds r pros at putting heavenly art shows on display 🍀heythere hothere highthere
2 everyone everywhere outthere peace hangloose iloveu ok 🍀as uall live love laugh and play 🍀chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray 🍀may everything always go your way 🍀on the 14 of February I hope uall have an awesome beautiful and amazing 💗💓💞💕❣️💘HAPPYVALENTINESDAY 🍀
keep a smile on your face everyday come what may it makes the life u live and the house u call home a better place 2 stay 🍀OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY🍀🥰

✌️🤙🤟👌😍😍👌🤟🤙✌️🙃 🙂 THESTONERS 🙃 🙂
💗THESTONERS Coloring Book is a cool interactive and mind blowing place 2 go 💓if u find yourself burning a BOB MARLEY and u got some time 2 blow 💓it’s a creative way 2 escape reality and let the stress and anxiety go 💓when I was done with the first 2 it was nice 4 me 2 set those baby birds free 2 go fly around Disney Land with DUMBO 💓I just finished drawing number 3 with a head full of TLC as I dove In2 the river of imagination and I let the Peace love and happiness inside of me flow 💓let the magic in your heart b your guide as u take part in the pleasures of art and pick and choose from all the colors u want 2 use that hide inside of a rainbow 💓b careful with a aim that true as u try 2 fill in between the lines of your masterpiece as u watch an awesome beautiful and amazing part of who u r shine through and show 💓It’s like planting a flower and using your mind 2 tell your hand what colored pencils 2 use 2 make this precious peace of amazing Grace grow💓2 everyone everywhere outthere bsafe bestrong and always smile and say peace 2 everyone u meet and hello 💓some times I like 2 hang out with the Three Stooges and burn a bone or 2 with Curly Larry and Moe and don’t 4get Shemp and uncle Joe 💓we all have a cyclone full of hidden treasure and unique talent hiding within us and we have 2 figure out how 2 cut it loose and let it all blow 💓the mind is fertile soul and it’s the place where we hope 2 harvest the fruits of our labor from the seeds of hopes wishes and dreams that we sew 💓express yourself and let your inside out and show us that u know your inner beauty is a ball of of joy that can only b caught if u decide 2 give it the old heave ho like a pro 💓try 2 b a pitcher just like CY YOUNG and give us a chance 2 catch every pitch u throw 💓if u find yourself in the middle of a field of tulips whatever u do don’t walk or run always try 2 tip toe 💓when It’s a little cold outside b4 I start 2 draw the picture on page 4 I will get ready by smoking some more first I will roll a nice number as big as a cucumber 2 go along with a healthy helping of whipped cream on top of my hot cup of cocoa 💓pot is mental medicine that helps me release all the anchors of madness and sadness that I tow 💓 💞 💕PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS

❄️LULUANDJSW built THEABOMINABLESNOWMAN 2day❄️we live 2 love laugh and play❄️we like 2 chase our bucket list with a smile on our face as we hope wish dream and pray❄️with a little luck and god wiling may everything go our way❄️my my hey hey rocknroll Is here 2 stay❄️peace hangloose iloveu ok❄️keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY❄️always keep a positive mental attitude or as I say try 2 have a gr8 PMA❄️isn’t it sweet we breathe air and our hearts beat all on there own like magic just b4 our father sends us on our way ❄️he kisses our 4head and we hear him say ❄️peacecya my child 👶 ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY ❄️as he sets us free 2 b whatever we want 2 b living our lives our way ❄️ALLTHEBEST 2 u and yours where ever it is on this fantabulous planet that we all stay❄️2 everyone everywhere outthere I say this prayer because I care it’s not fair when wrong is right it causes problems we can’t repair in a world without time 2 spare here’s a little saying I would like 2 share hey feel free 2 join me when I say what I pray
2 THE USA 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🍀🤞