✌️🤙🤟👌😍😍👌🤟🤙✌️🙃 🙂 THESTONERS 🙃 🙂
💗THESTONERS Coloring Book is a cool interactive and mind blowing place 2 go 💓if u find yourself burning a BOB MARLEY and u got some time 2 blow 💓it’s a creative way 2 escape reality and let the stress and anxiety go 💓when I was done with the first 2 it was nice 4 me 2 set those baby birds free 2 go fly around Disney Land with DUMBO 💓I just finished drawing number 3 with a head full of TLC as I dove In2 the river of imagination and I let the Peace love and happiness inside of me flow 💓let the magic in your heart b your guide as u take part in the pleasures of art and pick and choose from all the colors u want 2 use that hide inside of a rainbow 💓b careful with a aim that true as u try 2 fill in between the lines of your masterpiece as u watch an awesome beautiful and amazing part of who u r shine through and show 💓It’s like planting a flower and using your mind 2 tell your hand what colored pencils 2 use 2 make this precious peace of amazing Grace grow💓2 everyone everywhere outthere bsafe bestrong and always smile and say peace 2 everyone u meet and hello 💓some times I like 2 hang out with the Three Stooges and burn a bone or 2 with Curly Larry and Moe and don’t 4get Shemp and uncle Joe 💓we all have a cyclone full of hidden treasure and unique talent hiding within us and we have 2 figure out how 2 cut it loose and let it all blow 💓the mind is fertile soul and it’s the place where we hope 2 harvest the fruits of our labor from the seeds of hopes wishes and dreams that we sew 💓express yourself and let your inside out and show us that u know your inner beauty is a ball of of joy that can only b caught if u decide 2 give it the old heave ho like a pro 💓try 2 b a pitcher just like CY YOUNG and give us a chance 2 catch every pitch u throw 💓if u find yourself in the middle of a field of tulips whatever u do don’t walk or run always try 2 tip toe 💓when It’s a little cold outside b4 I start 2 draw the picture on page 4 I will get ready by smoking some more first I will roll a nice number as big as a cucumber 2 go along with a healthy helping of whipped cream on top of my hot cup of cocoa 💓pot is mental medicine that helps me release all the anchors of madness and sadness that I tow 💓 💞 💕PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS

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