⛄️LULUANDJSW took a little trip 2 SNOWMANSLAND ❄️
⛄️we built ourselves a MR FROSTY and his best friend Snowflake the frozen puppy and we did all by paw and hand
❄️⛄️everything went good u would think an engineer and a rocket scientist had it all thought out and planned ❄️
⛄️2 everyone everywhere outthere this message of love goes out 2 all of u ❄️
⛄️from the hearts souls and minds of of LULUANDJSW ❄️
⛄️we hope wish dream and pray that everything goes your way doing whatever it is uall choose 2 do ❄️
⛄️let peace love and happiness b the main ingredients in the reasons y u have a smile on your face the whole day through ❄️
⛄️time moves as fast as a bullet from a gun ❄️
⛄️remember 2 try and stop 2 build a snow dog and man as u live your life on the run ❄️
⛄️try 2 always live love laugh and play and make a vow 2 always try and have fun by the ton❄️⛄️live 2 love and love 2 live everyday like there is no 2morrow ALLTHEBEST 2 u and yours Haveagr8one ❄️
⛄️make sure that when u kneel by the side of your bed and pray 2 god your soul 2 keep u have sweet dreams and a good nights sleep when every awesome beautiful and amazing day is done❄️

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