💙 💙 JetStreamsRace 💙 💙
Caught in a daydream as I watch the JetStreamsRace at a maddening pace across the universe In2 outer space on there way out of this place and the next thing I know they disappear from sight gone without a trace and the pilots names were Snoopy and Ace
and I would bet the Willrello ranch they both had a ear 2 ear smile on there face 😍😍😍
✍️just got Edwina McNamee’s
Coloring For Adults STONER Book and I did the first 3 drawings and that was all the bait it took 2 get me 2 bite on her line and swallow the hook but first I had 2 roll a BOB MARLEY or 2 and take a few deep breath’s and marinate my mind and let my imagination cook when I finished them I thought they were awesome beautiful and amazing when I took a good long look 🥰
also I did drawing 13 in the STONERS COLORING BOOK the other day and I just wanted 2 stop and say hey it puts a smile on my face that I can’t seem 2 wipe away the colored pencils dance and boogie across the page as I live love laugh and play hoping wishing and dreaming that god let’s me live 4ever come what may and every night b4 I go 2 sleep and tell him my soul is his 2 keep these words r what I pray 🙏
The sky was alive with color this morning like it was on fire as I watched this magnificent display of amazing grace it gave me a natural buzz and let me tell uall I couldn’t have gotten any higher it was an awesome meal that was a feast 4 the mind beautiful eye candy that filled my heart with desire I take pictures 2 freeze the memories in a photograph 4 everyone everywhere outthere and me and mine 2 admire 🥰

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