💖from 7:30pm Sunday until 11:59 pm Monday I kept my EYES2THESKY watching it live love laugh and play and I felt at peace as I was hangingloose and I told the April PinkSuperFullMoon iloveu and a awesome beautiful and amazing feeling came over me and as if time froze everything in life felt like it was ok 4 about 30 hours I took pictures of the glorious heavenly sky magic on display when god speaks it is as quiet as a whisper and we can’t hear what he is trying 2 say but if u take a good look around this planet u will c everything he created with a wave of his hands as he whispers these words with a smile on his face everyday COMEWHATMAY ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
In your hearts minds and souls it makes the life u live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY there will b a Super Full Moon in May and June also so clear skies 4 all of our eyes 2 b filled with amazing grace and surprise is what I hope wish dream and pray until then my my hey hey rocknroll is hear 2 stay everyone everywhere outthere keep on breathing and keep your feet on the right side of the dirt and clay 😍🥰😘
PS I got caught in a daze in Jared Hoffman’s Stoners coloring book doing drawing 15 and it led me In2 a maze as I watched my imagination and the colored pencils sing a song and my mind becomes the music I listen 2 as it plays I also made myself SMILE and Timeless Creations Words To Color By is the reason y doing drawing number 2 gave me a natural buzz of happiness and a feeling from head 2 toe that made me feel like I could fly as high as the sky it’s my final wish 2 have an ear 2 ear smile on my face when I die and remember I always say HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA I never say GOODBYE 😝😛😜

✌️OHWELL I got In2 Edwina McNamees Stoner Coloring Book and did my impressions on drawings 10-11 💖
🤙my brain is the train that rides on my pencils back right thru the gates of heaven 💘
🤟my imagination swims in a pool of colors like my mind is in Vegas lit up all year long 24-7 💗
👌eye had an owl of a time when I got In2 the the Timeless Creations Book When Dreams Take Flight drawing number 2💓
🍀it took a week 2 do when I had a few minutes 2 kill and some space 2 fill I like mustard yellow magenta turquoise and true blue 💕
😍taking your mind away from the grim reality we live thru trying 2 make our way keeping a smile on our face everyday COMEWHATMAY if 2day is bad don’t worry all of our 2morrows give us a chance 2 start all over when we wake up 2 a day where every second of the clock the future will b brand new ❤️❣️💟🧡🖤🤍🤎☮️
🌝we will have a Pink Super Moon on 4-26-21 so everyone everywhere outthere please keep your EYES2THESKY 👀
🌕a Super Moon gets its name because of how close 2 earth the man on the moon will b 223,000 miles away as he floats on by way up high 😘
😎also just wanted 2 say hey try and check out the LYRID METEOR SHOWERS from 4-16 to 4-25 the best 2 nights 2 catch this awesome beautiful and amazing sky display is the 21st and the 22nd and I hope wish dream and pray the weather is clear and visions of beauty and wonder will b a part of our lives as we live love laugh and play waiting 4 our father who art in heaven 2 perform heavenly magic when he whispers the words ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
🥰😇🙏the sunrise was a little pink when I woke up 2day 2 a nice visual sight and I heard they say red skies at night is a sailors delight and red skies in the morning is a sailors warning
live your life surrounded by PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS
And everything will b alright
Life is a flame and keeping ours lit is is a struggle 4 some of us trying not 2 lose the fight of breathing air and not becoming an Angel waiting 4 god 2 give us the go ahead 2 spread our wings and take flight 💋

✌️ 🤙 colormyworld 🤟👌✍️
💙 I got In2 Jared Hoffman’s Stoners coloring book drawing number 14 it was cool 2 pick the colors I wanted 2 use in between the lines and keep my pencils sharp and keep all of my pictures neat and clean I would gladly trade the family cow 4 some magic Ganga seeds and farm some homegrown mean green and roll up a big pile of fatties that look like cannons that were rolled by a machine
Only 2 percent of the world’s people possess the same color eyes as me my favorite part of a rainbow green I love 2 drink a hot cup or 2 of Irish black tea and I really enjoy the burst of energy I get from the caffeine
💜 I was given 2 new Easter gifts 2 give me something 2 do the whole day thru Timeless Creations has a catalog of coloring books 2 b colored by me and u the first edition I got In2 was called Dreams Take Flight and ohmygoodness they were right I had a blast with my Crayolas when I let my imagination float away like a kite creating a peace of art that is like a delicious meal that is consumed by your eyesight and when u smile it’s a dead giveaway that your mind enjoyed every bite doing the first drawing filled my heart with sheer delight and when I finished the masterpiece it gave me excellent mental buzz that took my head 2 a whole new height 💚 the second book I picked up is called Words To Color By and I would like 2 say YIPPEEWALAYEEHAOOLALA
As my brain grows wings and learns 2 fly it’s a cool way 2 pass time as zooms on by go out and get yourself some BLUES BROTHERS awesome beautiful and amazing BUDS called CHERRY PIE they say if u take 2 big of a toke and u choke from the smoke that’s when u know u r high and now I am good and ready without hesitation 2 dive headfirst In2 the Timeless Creation treasures and live love laugh and play until the day I die and let the artistic peace love and happiness hidden within my soul keep my cranium shooting like a star across the sky learning in life it’s better 2 give than receive it would b nice if everyone could give that idea a try I promise myself and god I will never stop being an ordinary all American average guy well it’s time 2 go yo so I just want 2 tell u when I go I always like 2 say peacecya or HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA I never say GOODBYE even if a loved one or friend passes away and makes me cry 😘


peace hangloose iloveu ok
may everything go your way
as uall live love laugh and play
always chase all your hopes wishes and dreams and thank god when u pray in life and love it’s what u do not what u say I hope everyone everywhere outthere had a awesome beautiful and amazing Happy EASTERSUNDAY keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life u live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay MYMYHEYHEY ROCKNROLL is here 2 stay ☮️❤️😍2U4EVER
❤️🤍💙💚💛🧡💜🤎🖤💝✍️got In2 the EDWINA McNAMEE STONER Coloring Book again
and I can tell u this my friend until I am dead this kind of thing is never going 2 end it was magnificent marvelous and mystifying when I grabbed my Crayola colored pencils and I did drawings 9-10 the colors have a way of sending my mind around the bend it’s a good way 2 massage your brain and enjoy yourself every now and then I like 2 burn and bake b4 I tell my hand 2 grab a pencil and draw and he has 2 stop when I say when I hope everyone everywhere outthere feels the peace love and happiness I try 2 give away in every post that I send maybe I can help u boost your ego confidence and the love u feel 4 yourself and everyone else and glue your broken heart 2gether again we all need a little time every now and then we all need some time 2 make everything wrong right and make it a daily trend 2 always help a loved one or friend that is hurting or on the mend never say iloveu 2 someone if it’s not real when it comes 2 love never pretend