Will b here real soon so everyone everywhere outthere get in tune 2 catch a glimpse of this years largest SuperMoon that will b a BloodMoon because of a lunar eclipse in some parts of the world and they will c the ManOnTheMoon riding the MilkyWays biggest hot air balloon 🎈 with a reddish hue that teases u 2 chase the cow and the plate and spoon like u were in a nursery rhyme cartoon it’s an awesome beautiful and amazing sight 2 c a FULLFLOWERMOON in FULLBLOOM and here is a little FYI 2 all the worlds people surfing the World Wide Web seeking pleasure from the privacy of your favorite room
there is also another SuperMoon in June called the STRAWBERRYFULLMOON🌝
ROY-G-BIV is how u spell rainbow 🌈 red orange yellow green blue indigo violet r the colors in case u didn’t know that’s all the colors I used in the
YOU GOT THIS picture that I finished and let go
my CRAYOLA colored pencils r the weapons I prefer 2 use when I murder time when I have some 2 blow colors r the seeds of peace love and happiness that makes everything look magnificent and fantabulous when they grow waiting 4 the sun 2 smile down and make them glow it gives u butterfly’s and makes u tingly from head 2 toe ready 2 take on reality which ever way the winds of change blow now don’t 4get about the May FULLFLOWERMOON YO
B4 I go I wanted 2 let uall know about the heavenly sky show and tell everyone u know tha JSW from ANEYEFULLOFEARCANDY told u so and also GODBLESS the THREE STOOGES Curly Larry Moe along with Shemp and sometimes uncle Joe live your life like the tortoise and not the hare don’t go 2 fast remember the pace should always b steady and slow peace hangloose iloveu ok May everything go your way until the next post this is JSWPOET signing off I got 2 go🌝🌕🤓

DRAWING ✍️ by my awesome beautiful and amazing wife DMCCW PEACEGIRL👁💖U😘

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