U needed FLOWERPOWER 2 b able 2 c thru a thunder and lightning shower that went on hour after hour but around 4:30am 2 my surprise there it was floating through the friendly skies like an excellent meal 4 the mind that is consumed by using sight As spies like forks and knives that were starving 4 something awesome beautiful and amazing and I 8 it like it was my last meal because I was going 2 the electric chair 2 get lit up like a light and I enjoyed every bite I bit with the teeth of my eyes TheSuperFlowerMoon gave me a chance 2 freeze some PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS in a photograph that fills my eyes with happy tears and makes me smile and laugh every time I remember the memories of my life and I let them carry me as I walk up the stairway 2 heaven praying 2 our father his son and the Holy Ghost 2 help keep me on the right path and steer clear of the flim flam and all the riff raff no one knows what 2morrow brings our way u couldn’t c what’s coming even if u were a Giraffe 2 everyone everywhere outthere keep your EYES2THESKY if u need 2 bathe your eyesandmind in some skyart let all of the wonders of God and his Universe of magic and miracles
Give your eyes a bath everyone’s life is a book each day a page using planet earth as a stage so i can say every FULlMOON in the story of my life gets a full paragraph
peace hangloose iloveu ok
May everything go your way
as u live love laugh and play
always chase what u
hope wish dream and pray

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