✌️TAKECHANCES and let your heart lead the way 2 some wild romances don’t expect suggest never b 2 shy 2 ask someone 2 do some dirty dances and move like 2 people caught in the groove and make everyone take some second and third glances never say iloveu if u don’t mean it under any circumstances so u know it’s not nice 2 let someones feelings blow like snow on the breeze thru the trees and hang like dirty laundry way up high in the sky on the furthest reaches of a mighty Oak trees branches
Try 2 live a life of love at a slow and steady pace and realize it’s not a race so COMEWHATMAY everyday and always keep a smile on your face as u chase your hopes wishes and dreams that make u pray 2 God his Son and the Holy Ghost 2 let everything go your way as u live love laugh and play knowing that in life and love it’s all about what u do not what u say 💝🍀
I had a couple nice visits from a very interesting and amazing person named Sebastian who is gifted with a beautiful mind and an awesome imagination I read a thrilling short story that was gr8 bait 2 get me 2 return and get caught in the webs Sebastians mind weaves ✍️😎
2 everyone everywhere outthere try and stop 2 smell the Roses as uall live your life on the run and make sure it’s always priority number one 2 find a way 2 always have fun by the ton because time used 2 fly like a bird but now it whizzes by like a bullet from a gun so every night after u pray 2 our father your soul 2 keep make sure u get a good nights sleep when every day is done OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY
Peace hangloose iloveu ok

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