I am not out there don’t even bother 2 look 👁👁
My website is where I like 2 b at aneyefullofearcandy.com if u want 2 find me u don’t have 2 b a friend or follower 2 check out what I created 4 everyone everywhere outthere 2 c and I give away a gift download of READ MY MIND a book I wrote with over 100 poems inside 4 free 🙃😎😳😍😵‍💫🤓🤪😜
U can email or comment if u like what u c and u can speak your mind if u don’t agree but I hope wish dream and pray that u like what u c and u smile and laugh and 4 a brief moment or 2 the heartfelt emotion comes over u 2 b happy 😆😝😁😛😄😜😃
as 4 me YouTube is a go and I am going 2 share with them every time I make a video under the name aneyefullofearcandy if anyone anywhere outthere wants 2 know I have 3 movies from 4 years ago that didn’t do real well 2 entice people 2 want 2 press play and watch the show I am not a rapper with a clever flow I have an urge 2 b heard and I love every word as they leave my mouth and I let them blow I love all of my poetry deep down inside from head 2 toe and I hope when I release them 2 the world I pray that they find fertile soul inside the minds of all people that give my poems a fair chance 2 grow
Hey I just wanted 2 stop and say peace hangloose iloveu ok
2 all my sisters and all my bro’s
I have had my site 4 30 years or so and in no way shape or form do I think 4 one second that I am perfect or better than the human status quo when it comes 2 tech mine is low and slow yo live your life 2 b the finest web ever spun time used fly like bird but now it whizzes by your head like a bullet from a gun don’t try and carry the weight of the world on your back it weighs a ton just live love laugh and play and have fun shame and pain hide in the darkness of night and peace love and happiness walks proud in the light of the sun remember 2 sleep like a baby when everyday u r alive is done

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