✌️HAVENOFEAR on this Friday 7-23-21 the BUCK FULL MOON will b here after sunset the astrological EYECANDY will appear so far away but it seems so near it always puts a smile on my face from ear2ear if there r some jet streams or puffy clouds 4 the man on the moon 2 dance with I May get a pointy peace of dust in my 👁 and shed a happy tear 💧
as the miracles of wonder hidden within outer space 🪐
keep us eager 2 get in a rocket and chase other worlds outthere somewhere floating in thin air 4 all of us 2 live 2gether and share and live without any worries or care what’s good is good and what’s fair is fair heaven will b easier 2 reach living way up there but 4 now I will watch the awesome beautiful and amazing Luna from down here and go ahead and look real close it’s ok 2 stare there r a million things humans have 2 do 2 prepare 2 live way up high in the sky with no breathable air so 2 everyone everywhere outthere bstrong bsafe and TAKECARE ☮️💟✝️

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