👅 👅 A Rolling Stone 👅 👅
A Rolling Stone gathers no moss
the bridge of light between here and there is a span one day we all must cross
GODBLESS and ALLTHEBEST 2 Charlie Watts family and friends and 2 the band so sorry 4 your loss 👅❤️👅❤️👅❤️👅❤️👅
tropical storm henri rained out the SturgeonFullMoon 4 me hey chicken little the sky is falling it was pouring cats and dogs as far as the eye could c everything is what it is what will b will b we live our lives in the land of the free never knowing what the future holds 4 u and me we just have 2 sit back relax
And wait and c and hope the world 4 everybody is heavenly
and sing along with Paul McCartney when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom LET IT BE 💘💖💝💞
peace hangloose iloveu ok
always make plans 2 live another day no matter what keep a smile on your face come what may in life and love it’s all about what u do not what u say life is a gift of love made by god in the heavens above remember 2 thank him 4 the gracious present every time u pray and always share peace love and happiness as u live love laugh and play 🤓😎😜

😜I like 2 leave a trail 4 u 2 surf the InternetInformationHighway
if u read my poems lately and u c me hear me and feel me with the words that I say as I am hoping wishin dreaming about how I want everything 2 go your way I like 2 use songs names movies and icons as I chase words like birds and putting the ones that go 2gether is the game I play I spend a little time in my mind trying 2 find the magic rhyme and I hear sugar bells chime and I say ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
I have a poem fresh off the press and straight out of my dome ready 2 roam on the Worldwideweb zone with a smile on my face everyday COMEWHATMAY trying 2 make all of u smile away the night and day making the life uall live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay so until the next time we meet again stay happy until then and happy trails bsafe bstrong and take care my friend
2 everyone everywhere outthere don’t 4get about the full moon on 8-22-21 don’t miss it because the Sturgeon Moon will b here real soon in living color in full bloom sailing by way up high in the sky like a giant Sturgeon swimming by singing a happy tune like a kite on a stringless flight In2 the night like the worlds biggest hot air balloon

😎shooting stars on 8-11 and 8-12 r coming our way 2 put on a meteor shower display so if u catch the star spray in between
Midnight and dawn Wednesday and Thursday every hour like Merlin the Magician is commanding the stars when they hear him say fly now ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
The eyes r the WINDOWSOFTHEMIND peace hangloose iloveu ok I pray uall c what u r hoping 2 find and everyone everywhere outthere has a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life we all live and the world we all live it in a better place 2 stay so go live love laugh and play and never stop chasing what uall hope wish dream and pray and maybe we can all learn 2 love one another like sister and brother one fine blue sky day with the sun way up high where only Angels and Eagles without fear dare 2 spread their wings and fly ✌️🤙🤟👌🍀😎🍀🙏

THE NAILS have gr8 song called Let All Hang Out from the 80s if u heard it u know what I am talking about if u got a suitcase full of problems bothering u and u don’t know what 2 do don’t go whoa me and pout or get mad and lose your temper with all the wrong people and scream and shout take a deep breath and then count 2 ten and start all over again and WORKITOUT let peace love and happiness b the message we all spout and with tender loving care let’s all share world freedom and friendship as we create and watch a new future start 2 grow like a baby redwood sprout time 2 put an end 2 all war 4 sure the planets people don’t have any need 4 that anymore without a doubt let words b the weapons we use 2 fight trying 2 make things right and take a more promising and peaceful rout living 2 love and loving 2 live 2 give uses the almighty power of god 2 give its meaning superior clout if u want love u have 2 give it if u want respect u have 2 live it if u want peace u have 2 share a little so without a doubt let’s all let it all hang out and tell each other what we r all thinking about and 2gether as one pass the olive branch 2 each other and WORKITOUT 🙏🍀

❤️‍🔥u get DELICIOUSKISSES from the lips of your lover after they eat Swedish fishes 😛
sometimes my cravings get out of hand and over ambitious and I hunger 4 spinach and potato knishes served up 2 me with gold forks and spoons on diamond encrusted platinum dishes🙃 on the song I’m The Slime Frank Zappa sings I am vile and pernicious but you can’t look away I make u think I’m delicious 😊the number 13 ladders and black cats make me superstitious but my curiosity with what is and what we can’t c can b mentally nutritious 🙂we have 2 let our minds b the filter 4 everything our eyes and ears consume and decide 4 ourselves what is truth and what is fictitious 😛protect yourself at all times and keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheep’s clothing looking eager and malicious that leave u with horrifying memories of their brutal bite that can b devastating and vicious😄 if u want 2 tip toe thru the tulips where happiness and sadness walk hand in hand 😀We have 2 remember a good warning sign of rattlers is a terrifying rattle and just b4 they sink their fangs in deep he recoils and like a kitty cat he hisses 😻if someone has a brown nose it’s from the all the asses this person kisses 😘I hope one full moon nite 2 c broom riding witches and hangout with Frankenstein and admire his electrodes and switches as I think about how all his body parts r sewed 2gether with surgical stitches😵‍💫 some days r rose gardens and some r
motherphuckingsonofabitches😬so if u r walking along the highway of life and u find a genies lamp know that we all have wild fantasies and krazy fetishes so make sure u know what u want when ALADDIN offers u your 3 wishes ☮️💟✝️