❤️‍🔥u get DELICIOUSKISSES from the lips of your lover after they eat Swedish fishes 😛
sometimes my cravings get out of hand and over ambitious and I hunger 4 spinach and potato knishes served up 2 me with gold forks and spoons on diamond encrusted platinum dishes🙃 on the song I’m The Slime Frank Zappa sings I am vile and pernicious but you can’t look away I make u think I’m delicious 😊the number 13 ladders and black cats make me superstitious but my curiosity with what is and what we can’t c can b mentally nutritious 🙂we have 2 let our minds b the filter 4 everything our eyes and ears consume and decide 4 ourselves what is truth and what is fictitious 😛protect yourself at all times and keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheep’s clothing looking eager and malicious that leave u with horrifying memories of their brutal bite that can b devastating and vicious😄 if u want 2 tip toe thru the tulips where happiness and sadness walk hand in hand 😀We have 2 remember a good warning sign of rattlers is a terrifying rattle and just b4 they sink their fangs in deep he recoils and like a kitty cat he hisses 😻if someone has a brown nose it’s from the all the asses this person kisses 😘I hope one full moon nite 2 c broom riding witches and hangout with Frankenstein and admire his electrodes and switches as I think about how all his body parts r sewed 2gether with surgical stitches😵‍💫 some days r rose gardens and some r
motherphuckingsonofabitches😬so if u r walking along the highway of life and u find a genies lamp know that we all have wild fantasies and krazy fetishes so make sure u know what u want when ALADDIN offers u your 3 wishes ☮️💟✝️

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