😜I like 2 leave a trail 4 u 2 surf the InternetInformationHighway
if u read my poems lately and u c me hear me and feel me with the words that I say as I am hoping wishin dreaming about how I want everything 2 go your way I like 2 use songs names movies and icons as I chase words like birds and putting the ones that go 2gether is the game I play I spend a little time in my mind trying 2 find the magic rhyme and I hear sugar bells chime and I say ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY
I have a poem fresh off the press and straight out of my dome ready 2 roam on the Worldwideweb zone with a smile on my face everyday COMEWHATMAY trying 2 make all of u smile away the night and day making the life uall live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay so until the next time we meet again stay happy until then and happy trails bsafe bstrong and take care my friend
2 everyone everywhere outthere don’t 4get about the full moon on 8-22-21 don’t miss it because the Sturgeon Moon will b here real soon in living color in full bloom sailing by way up high in the sky like a giant Sturgeon swimming by singing a happy tune like a kite on a stringless flight In2 the night like the worlds biggest hot air balloon

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