The Red Hot Chilli Peppers said can’t stop the spirits when they need you
This life is more than just a read through
Peace hangloose iloveu ok GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 everyone everywhere outthere doing whatever it is u all choose 2 do
Freedom of choice it’s your life 2 have your own POINTOFVIEW
Let’s make everything wrong RIGHT by being honest and true the truth can set AMERICA free if the fbi and the doj worked 2 clean house on both the left and the right side of the pew ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
The government should never have turned the country over 2 the blm antifa and illegal aliens that don’t care about the struggles and triumphs the USA has endured thru they ignore our constitution and our laws and patriotism and tread everyday with disrespect all over the RED WHITE AND BLUE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

LETSROCKNROLL and do what Bob Dylan said and build a ladder 2 the stars and climb on every rung and May uall stay 4ever young I have a portrait of the Last Supper on the wall and 4 about 30 years and it hasn’t moved since the day it was hung it’s better 2 b seen than heard and less is more so always try 2 wag your tails instead of your tongue 👅 everybody have fun 2nite everyone have fun just like Wang Chung and dance like no one is watching 2 Ricky Martins song SHE BANGS sung by William Hung ✌️🤙🤟👌✍️🙏

This is not a poem this is a reality of life that affects all of us living on planet earth
in 2004 a oil platform went down during hurricane Ivan owned by Taylor energy and was never capped and in 2018 a investigative group went there 12 miles off the coast of Louisiana and discovered that the oil still flows freely about 300-700 barrels a day it’s been 17 years WTF and they said it will surpass the deep water horizon fiasco owned by bp and they don’t expect it 2 stop flowing till the end of the century or longer deep water horizon happened 41 miles offshore of Louisiana in 2010 this makes the Exxon Valdez 10 million barrels in Alaska look like piss in the ocean and they say there r numerous oil platforms that have gone down in the Gulf of Mexico with nothing ever being done about it swallow that with your eyes and chew it up real good with your mind and if u do some investigating yourself u will c this kind of thing goes on all over the planet think about all the nuclear waste buried in the USA and all over the world nuclear submarines laying on the bottom of the ocean sunken and countries that r dumping nuclear waste in the ocean all of the world super powers need 2 stop thinking about war and destruction of the planet and join 2gether as a team and work on stopping the insanity and saving the world from mass destruction from pollution of all kinds and do away with the nuclear programs installed in every part of the world we live in 4 all mankind and Mother Nature lets try and fix everything wrong and make everything alright let that b the war we all fight trying 2 bring peace love and happiness out of the darkness and In2 the light 2 make everyone’s future bright let’s make the world eyecandy 4 all of our eyes that r in need of something sweet 2 sight everyday and everynight
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this hurting planet that we all share it’s time 2 fix the past that is in need of repair b4 this whole world goes up in smoke and disappears In2 thin air it’s time we all GIVEAPHUCK and start 2 care
this is a daydream of mine that I hope wish dream and pray one day it don’t turn In2 a sad sad nightmare ☮️💟✝️🍀🦋🙏😇

the rise of the full harvest moon
🌝🌕It doesn’t matter if it’s John Fogertys Blue Moon Swamp or Andy Williams singing Moon River Wider Than A Mile because that song always makes me smile
And I love Dean Martin doing Amore where he sings when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s the reason I like 2 keep my EYES2THESKY
Like Monday night when I watched The Full Harvest Moon go floating by way up high in the sky a place where only Eagles and Angels dare 2 fly and I love when Pink Floyd sings when the band your in starts playing different tunes I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon 🌚 I am riding on the back of the cow chasing the plate and the spoon with hopes wishes and dreams we get 2 high five the man on the moon as he dances 2 Jeff Becks full moon boogie tune time flys and the next thing u know it’s October and we will get 2 c TheFullHunterMoon that will come flying by real soon looking like a giant cartoon balloon 🎈
2 everyone everywhere outthere peace hangloose iloveu ok BESAFE bstrong protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE 😍😎✍️🙏😇😘
never give up and keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY and keep on breathing air ☮️💟✝️💝💖❤️‍🔥

🌝 The Full Harvest Moon 🌕
✌️thefullharvestmoon at 7:54 on 9-20 21 is a Monday in September and I hope the weather is gr8 and I can’t wait so I pray every night until that day that it goes my way and it gives me awesome beautiful and amazing happy memories 2 remember with clouds around him 2 give him character that is pleasing 2 the eye 👁👁 that makes him a picture worthy contender that fills all of our hearts minds and souls with visual eyecandy that overloads our imaginations with splendor
🤙GOODMORNING have a gr8 day and 2nite May everything go your way Haveagr8one 🤞
🤟try 2 always stop and smell the Roses as u live your life on the run 🤸🏿‍♀️time used 2 fly like a bird now it whizzes by like a bullet shot from a gun ☄️
Everyday live your life 2 the fullest and try 2 have fun by the ton 😆😁😄😃😀😍😝😛😜
👌every night when u pray 2 god your soul 2 keep make sure u get a gr8 nights sleep when everyday is done 🙏☮️💟✝️
If u don’t like the bait don’t bite I am just trying 2 get uall thinking and turn on your thought light 💡 never let anyone control your flight always fly free thru the air like a stringless kite with a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY that is sparkling and bright with your hearts minds and souls filled with sheer delight when everyone that catches a glimpse of u they can say that u r sugar 4 the eyes of people that r in need of something sweet 4 their eyes 2 sight

peace hangloose iloveu ok we all need 2 work 2gether and find a way 2 take everything wrong and make it all right by dragging the darkness out In2 the light the daylight exposes everything hidden under cover of the night 2 everyone everywhere outthere protect yourselves at all times and bsafe bstrong and take care
I hope all is good in your neighborhood watch out 4 the big bad wolf if u think u should go 4 a walk out in the woods like little red riding hood I wish we all could b good and do only what we should and love each other like sister and brother and share peace love and happiness and learn 2gether we r all gods children the most important thing that needs 2 b understood
time flys by fast and none of us knows when we take our next breath if it will continue or if it is our last we have 2 move on In2 the future with high hopes that we never have 2 relive the past
god bless and all the best 2 u and yours is what I hope wish dream and pray and that nothing negative ever happens 2 anyone of u as uall live love laugh and play keep a smile on your faces come what May and hopefully with some luck everything will go your way every night and everyday in love and life it’s what u do not what u say we need 2 all work as one and b a team and make this planet an awesome beautiful and amazing place 2 stay 🌎🌏🌍✌️🤙🤟👌🙏

We can’t stop the clock so the older we all grow hiding our skeletons in the closet and dragging the anchors of stress and anxiety that we tow we have 2 b all we can b and work with the tools of labor that we know never b a puppet and just go with the flow never sell your body 2 sin 4 the love of dough
Never throw your life away and just let it all blow there is only one u take care of yourself because everyone loves u from head 2 toe always try 2 b unique and self driven just like every single flake of snow nobody promises us a rose garden and after living over 64 years life is not a walk in the park it’s a tough road 2 hoe the longer u live and the farther u go remember 2 always b at your best life is a stage everynite and everyday keep a smile on your face COMEWHATMAY and put on a fantabulous dog and pony show
Earned P Worrell says YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN VERN
Live and learn there is no way of knowing when or where or how we get from here 2 there
we all have 2 keep the faith in what we believe and wait our turn 😇☮️💟✝️💝😍🙏💋

Do some Mind traveling using BrainWaves
Prepare some hot pockets using microwaves
Listen 2 Ben FM on 95.7 in Philadelphia using radio waves
Shoot the tube and hang ten on a rip curl of the ocean waves
Keep the faith Jesus saves
Some of us want 2 b cremated and some of us want 2 b buried in graves Henry Louis Aaron nicknamed hammerin Hank is one of the gr8est baseball ⚾️ players 2 ever play the game 4 the Milwaukee Braves Roger Waters has a awesome album called Radio K.A.O.S.that has an amazing song with genius lyrics called RADIO WAVES