🍀 talkischeap 🍀 ☮️💟✝️😵‍💫
talkischeap it’s not what u say it’s what u do if u want 2 make it 2 the top of the heep work hard everyday and at night when u pray 2 god your soul 2 keep make sure u get a good nights sleep and when all your dreams come true 4 u a harvest of happiness is what u will reap everyday u have 2 throw the hailmary and go long and deep try 2 keep an eye on your flock of sheep and don’t lose them like little bo peep never let your prize possessions out of your sight finderskeeplosersweep u can run and hide but the walls that hold u inside won’t stop the reaper when he comes 2 reap when u meet old Saint Pete it’s better 2 b seen than heard so if u say a word don’t try and b sweet it’s best 2 b discreet talk is cheap he may get mad and say send him 2 hell 2 feel the heat under his feet time 2 take off like the roadrunner and say peacecya beep beep 💚💙💜💛🧡💝

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