heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere
goodmorning Haveagr8day and 2nite may everything go your way and the same 4 myself is what I hope wish dream and pray because on November 15th I am betting the gods c 2 it that I have an awesome beautiful and amazing HAPPY65thBIRTHDAY comewhatmay ohwell peaceyall
Thatswhatihave2say peace hangloose iloveu ok keep a smile on your face everyday and give it 2 everyone u meet trying 2 make the life they live and the house they call home a better place 2 stay
✌️It has been 41 years since I had a cool cigarette a time in my life I will always remember and never 4get I just want 2 say they r daze I regret 🤙
🤟it has been 35 years since I have taken any drugs 2 get high
I never knew when I was having a good time that there was a chance that I could die when I think about the things I used 2 do it makes me cry 👌
🍀it’s been 73 months since I have had any alcohol at all I can’t remember what it sounds like 2 hear the bartender say time 2 pack it up LASTCALL i am proud 2 b me and walk tall and b on the ball u have 2 know when it’s time 2 go and don’t trip and fall 💚
😵‍💫It’s been 47 months since I told my company PJE 2 kiss my hiney and take this job and shove it I hated the 33 years I worked there I never waste my time thinking of it they were my enemy and u will never hear me say what a cool job iloveit 🤪
😎on November 19th the Beaver Full Moon will b out in all of its glory and grace in full bloom chasing shadows and the gift of light In2 and out of every room if there is a heart beat in 6 weeks there is a baby waiting 2 b born in the womb
the extreme left do abortions on full term babies sending the little angels 2 Heaven and without any care 4 them and u they will give your 15 year old daughter an abortion and not contact her parents it sounds like gloom and doom as we all sit back and relax watching the clock zoom it’s your life 2 live and b proud 2 b but i am RED and on the RIGHT and everything that the dems do I don’t agree I am a proud conservative Republican I don’t like them and I don’t care if they don’t like me I don’t know y the rule America under the thumb of socialist communism with fear and intimidation and I don’t know what illegal aliens have 2 do with the red white and blue we should only worry about Americans and Americathebeautiful if your love 4 it is true

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