GOODMORNING 2 everyone everywhere outthere have an awesome beautiful and amazing gr8 day and 2nite may everything u hope wish dream and pray come your way
it was a gift from god 2 c the FullBeaverMoon come passing thru floating way up high in the sky taking his time passing by because he had nothing better 2 do hanging out with the planets and stars fulling around with the clouds playing hidenseek and peekaboo right there in plain sight all through the night like a big peace of candy 4 our eyes 2 chew and feed our minds the tasty treat after we consume the precious and heavenly outerspace view
I look 4ward 2 the full moon every month now until The Cold Full Moon in December I will listen 2 The Rolling Stones
Play miss you when I say peace hangloose iloveu ok just like Elvis Costello My Aim Is True
As long as my heart mind and soul let me do what I want 2 just like Bryan Adams everything I do I do it for you
I have green eyes something only 2 percent of the worlds people r born In2 my next 2 favorite colors 4 peepers r brown and baby blue when I want 2 have a good time and catch a few laughs with all of u I like 2 listen 2 Mexican Radio by Wall Of Voodoo and then after that Green Day as loud as it can go live doing Brain Stew
Heythere hothere highthere
this message of peace love and happiness goes out 2 each and everyone of all of u straight out of the hearts that beat inside the chests of LULUANDJSW
Everyday is your chance 2 break free from the habits that control us and try something new don’t let peer pressure force u 2 do things u don’t want 2 do never say u love someone if every word u speak is not true
Never live your life alone in the darkness of your mind in fear and denial without confidence 2 get a hammer and tear down the wall of failure and break on through GOODLUCK 2 uall BESAFE bestrong TAKECARE
I will be me and everyone everywhere outthere GODBLESS and ALLTHEBEST
GO B U☮️💟✝️🙏😎👅🐾🍀

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