never stop chasing what u hope wish dream and pray everyday
in the land of the free home of the brave
FindYourHiddenTreasure and let it live love laugh and play don’t carry it with u lost in your thoughts 4ever 2 your grave
if u want 2 b a writer of songs or poetry give your words wings and let them fly
write about things hidden within your mind that make people laugh smile and shed tears of happiness when they read it and cry
make music or b an artist and
b the rainbow or shooting star that catches someone’s ears or eye as they watch it fly across the spacious sky
we r all special and unique and we all possess a magical gift that god hopes we put on display and try 2 give away everyday come what may until the time we become angels after we die and we get 2 fly high and kiss this crazy planet goodbye and make our way 2 the mansions of glory in heaven built on the clouds floating in the sky

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