💚 ❤️ MerryChristmas ❤️ 💚
I love multi colored poinsettias and blooming hibiscus 🌺
2 everyone everywhere outthere I hope uall have an awesome beautiful and amazing happy MerryChristmas
just like the Eric Clapton song Rudolph and Santa load the sleigh and fly away After Midnight
if u keep your EYES2THESKY u may get lucky and catch a glimpse of Kris Kringle 🎅🏻 making his yearly flight 🚀
I hope everything that is going wrong in anyone’s life finds a way 2 turn out alright 🙏
I pray everything that everyone everywhere outthere hopes dreams and wishes 4 is underneath your Christmas tree 🎄 when uall wake up at the break of daylight 🌞
what the world needs now is love sweet love ❤️
that’s the only thing we all should b thinking of 😍
from the minute we r born until we reach the heavens above
love 2 live and live 2 love 😘
sharing peace love and happiness with each other is what we all should b dreaming of ☮️💟🥰
peace hangloose iloveu ok keep a smile on your face everynight and everyday come what may
because all we can do is hope wish dream and pray that our father who art in heaven let’s everything in our lives go our way as we all live love laugh and play living on this crazy planet that we all share being chased by time in a world without a second 2 spare trying 2 make the life we live and the house we call home a better place 2 stay my my hey hey rocknroll is here 2 stay there’s more 2 the picture than meets the eye my my hey hey in life and love it’s what u do not what u say OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🤭

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