the FullWolfMoon will b here real soon on January 17th we will all b singing when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore my favorite Dean Martin Luna tune 🌝😍
⛄️when Frosty The Snowman comes by it’s never planned
I have a category on my website called SNOWMANSLAND a little place I go 2 c the past 30 years of snowpeople and icepuppies i built by hand
time flys by like a bird way up high in the sky and as we grow old it becomes something we all accept and learn 2 understand
if I had one wish granted by Shazam staying 4ever young would b what I want 4 everybody if my dream was his 2 command 🍀🤞✌️🤙🤟👌
live everyday of your life like it was the last because it goes by so very fast and have a gr8 one
LIVE2LOVE and LOVE2LIVE every minute of your life in peace love and happiness having fun by the ton under the full moon and smile of the sun
as u live love laugh and play your life away everynight and day try and stop 2 smell the Roses as u live your lives on the run time used 2 fly like a bird now it whizzes right on by your naked eye like a bullet from a gun always chase what u hope wish dream and pray weaving some of the finest webs ever spun my father told me when I was young try 2 always make the world around u a better place than it was b4 u got there and when u die u will b able 2 Rest In Peace after it’s all been said and done 💝

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