😵‍💫the super unknown ☮️💟✝️
what the future holds 4 all us is the super unknown 😳
🙃when u dream about Rod Serling u know right away u r the star in the next episode of the Twilight Zone 😜
🥶sometimes life is as cold as ice and then the lady on the car warranty call is your best friend on the phone 📱
🤩I am a little like George Thorogood but I like 2 catch a good stone 2 the bone when I do a big fat personal all on my own it kinda sets the tone when I am in the middle of WILLRELLOS PARADISE with Motley Crue blasting out loud HOME SWEET HOME 🏡
🤪the words I am trying 2 find blow around in my mind like a tornado being blown In2
the super unknown by a sideways cyclone 🌀
🤨I am not Ozzy Osbournes Iron Man I am more like Arnolds I’ll B Back TERMINATOR made of titanium and chrome 👽
💋life is as beautiful 2 look at as it is 2 enjoy as a fantabulous meal by yourself with everyone all alone 🤞
😋u need 2 get a thin crust Pillsbury Doughboy pizza lay it out and put whatever u want on half fold it over like u r bad 2 the bone and put it in the oven on 420 and then bake 4 20 minutes and hold the phone next thing that becomes known is u have yourself a tasty awesome beautiful and amazing homemade calzone 👅
🌝TheHowlingFullWolfMoon was up in the sky like a giant peace of candy 2 b consumed by the eye floating way up high as he danced right on by playing with the planets and the shooting stars as they keep my EYES2THESKY somewhere way up there without a care going places that only angels and eagles dare 2 fly 😇🦅
🙏2 everyone everywhere outthere always bsafe bstrong and protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE ✌️
🤙only take as much love as u give it’s only fair peace love and happiness is the most important thing in this world that we all need 2 share watch out 4 wolves in sheep’s clothing with ice 4 a heart and beware🤟👌

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