☮️hey yo hello JSW here and I just wanted 2 let uall know last night in my neck of the woods we were blessed with 8 inches of snow so Donna LULUANDJSW got up early and grabbed our shovels had some hot tea and we were good 2 go ready 2 put on an awesome beautiful and amazing happy snow shoveling show as the wind driven flurries blow we have high hopes that Jack Frost 🥶 sees 2 it that we get 2 enjoy watching frosty the snowman grow wearing a top hat and tux decked out and dapper from head 2 toe lit up by the light of love sporting a sparkling glow emanating from his heavenly halo 😇
✌️JSWCOMINGATCHA with an invisible butterfly net made of dreams trying 2 draw uall in and catchcha I want 2 touch u in the mind by way of the ear and I hope I am coming in loud and clear in my adventures 2 try and reach out and snatchcha
I want 2 flick your switch that makes u twitch thinking aint life a bitch making your mind itch letting the words I say telepathically reach In2 your head and scratchcha
a dog has so many friends because they wag there tails instead of there tongue 👅 as uall do whatever it is that all of u choose 2 do May all of u stay 4ever young try 2 always keep a smile on your face everynight and everyday having fun by the ton living a life of love under the moon and sun trying 2 smell the Roses as as we live our lives on the run weaving the finest webs ever spun trying 2 catch time that whizzes right on by like a bullet shot from a gun taking one step 4ward and 2 steps back trying 2 get everything in your life that u hope wish dream and pray 2 get done living on a planet that is a world of confusion 😍😘

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