❤️opinions r like hearts everybody has one
💜some people love it when everything wrong is right and act like it is fun after all the blunders that Brandon has done turning America In2 the land of confusion
💖the world doesn’t need no war no more 4 sure it is rotten 2 the core we need 2 settle our differences with words not bullets fired from a gun
💙when we have a communication breakdown everything gets tangled up and become a big mess that cooler minds need 2 prevail and get things unspun
💝as we all chase what we hope wish dream and pray traveling from here 2 there 2gether let’s all try and stop 2 smell the Roses as we live our lives on the run
❤️‍🔥all the worlds people need 2 come 2gether as one 2 get what we all need done so we all can live a life of peace love and happiness having fun by the ton going 2 sleep without a care with the moon everynight and waking up every morning like a bluebird of happiness with your life lit up by the light of the smile on the face of the sun 🌞🌝🍀✌️🤙🤟👌🙏

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