❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥Pray4The Ukrane ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹
💝as Putin pours his reign down on the people by being a person that has a low functioning brain that loves causing terror fear and pain trying 2 take over land that he has no right 2 claim when it comes 2 being a good human the example that he exposes 2 us all he is a cold hearted and monstrous POS that has ice 4 a heart and feels no remorse or shame Vladimir is the kind of shit the world hopes one fine day we can flush him down the drain 😡🤬🤜🤛👊💪🤨😠
💖peacebwithualways god bless and all the best peace love and happiness happy trails ✌️cya 2 LittleBoWeep
sweet dreams and Rest In Peace in heaven when u pray 2 god your soul 2 keep b4 u lay your head down on a pillow and bed made of clouds when u sleep I think I am a poet and I love the way u like 2 let the words mingle and play even if they were heavy dark and deep if we don’t say what we feel talkischeap the stairway 2 heaven is slippery and steep TAKECAREKIDDO peacecyainheaven god is my shepherd and I am waiting 4 him call home one of his faithful sheep and like the roadrunner u will c a puff of dust when I take off and u will hear me say beep beep 😍😘
🌼as the wisteria starts 2 climb the new lattice that u hung and the birds r singing the spring songs that need 2 b sung as they build new nests 2 raise their young everything alive climbs the latter 2 the stars wishing 2 touch every rung having fun by the ton b4 their life is over and their time on earth finished and done and they prepare 4 eternal life on the road 2 Zion and live a new one✌️🤙🤟👌☮️💚🥰2U😇

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