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Ever since I was a little tyke 🙂I love the day I learned how 2 ride a bike 🚲 It felt as if I was the pilot of a plane ✈️ it’s a freedom just like flying that’s hard 2 explain 😛I knew when I was young that everything in my life that felt nice I was definitely going 2 do more than twice and know that there is a level of adventure and excitement that only can b enjoyed when u skate on the thin ice 🧊 and not b afraid 2 gamble on a dream and roll the dice 🎲 the world is giant pizza pie and everyone everywhere outthere deserves the right 2 b free 2 live on his or her tasty little slice 🍕no one should ever b able 2 take over another country like a sycophantic manic and let the lives of free people b the cost of war and the ones that pay the price putin should wear pants on his head and paint a face on his ass and walk backwards that would suffice with a kick me sign pinned 2 his back that would b twice as nice 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡

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