😵‍💫Vodka and Orange Juice is a Screwdriver and Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Sea Hunt was an action adventure television series in 58 with Lloyd Bridges
Doing 155 shows for 4 years playing a retired navy scuba diver 🤿
🤩2 all u treasure hunters outthere they say every squirrel finds his nut when u chase everything u hope wish dream and pray u have 2 feel it in your heart mind and gut b like Honest Abraham Lincoln and put on your top hat and do the keep on trucking strut 🎩
🤞We all r unique each one of us a true one of a kind freedom of speech and choice 2 choose whatever u believe and think in your mind never give up on your imagination it contains all the plans on how u r going 2 obtain everything u one day hope 2 find live and learn from the past because the future is a picture that leaves all of us out in the cold totally blind 😵
👍your life is all yours 2 do whatever u want 2 do don’t wait till it’s 2 late 2 let your hidden treasure of talents come shinning thru everyday we all get a chance 2 leave yesterday behind and wake up in the morning and start 2 live a life of peace love and happiness that is fresh and brand new never tell someone u love them unless every word u say is true only u can tighten that one loose screw all of your tomorrows r magnificent memories waiting 2 b made and the best days of your life r mindcandy just waiting 4 u 2 take in the view 👁👁💋😍🥰
🇺🇦 GodBlessTheUkraine 🇺🇦

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