😵‍💫 FridayTheThirteenth 🙈
🙃 the movie franchise with JASON letting the blood 🩸spill enjoying the thrill of the kill
There r 13 movies and they all scare the hell out me and I watch them still I am just trying
2 get my FridayTheThirteenth
Horror movie fill u can stream them one after the other sitting there in your easy chair without a care if u got some time 2 spare and u got a nice bag of fattys 2 share just burning the day away cooking on the grill getting a pie eyed buzz kicking back letting our minds and bodies relax and chill ✌️🤙🤟👌😏
🤔 they say going under a ladder is bad luck it doesn’t even matter if u duck and if a black cat crosses your path watch out u don’t get run over by a truck 🛻 and if u break a mirror 🪞 your future Days 4 the next 7 years r going 2 suck😲😮😧😦😯😐😵
Buildings have No 13th floor 13 wraps on the noose 13 steps on the gallows stairs B4 your neck breaks after u drop thru the trap door triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13 by people who fall prey 2 old wise tales and folklore 🤪
🌕 a total lunar eclipse is coming soon on Monday May 16th 2022 4 me and u 2 view
TheFullFlowerMoon a good time 4 everyone 2 sing that old Dean Martin Amore tune as we watch the the universe’s biggest stringless balloon and during the eclipse the Luna will turn in2 FullBloodMoon 🤓

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