😎on Sunday night when it comes 2 being able 2 c the FullFlowerMoon the eclipse and the FullBloodMoon the clouds were not my friend
And on Monday night it happened again the Luna played peekaboo games with me right 2 the end I was losing sleep on a wild goose chase getting sent around the bend
Sometimes u get the bear and sometimes the bear bites u on the rearend the road of life goes on 4ever and never ends
I was able 2 grab a picture or 2 and capture them in my camera lens 2 post on my website 4 all my poetry friends time is precious like money hard2keep hard2hold I would like 2 say peace b with uall always and thanx 4 each second everyone of spends ❤️
😵‍💫I wach my videos and I look at the pictures and I can’t help but notice that I am getting old
When I was young I marched 2 the beat of a different drummer and never liked 2 do what I was told everyone’s life is theirs 2 have and hold me myself and I r in it till the end
I have no plans 2 pack it in or call it a day and give up and fold there is only one JSW just like each and everyone of u when god made me he threw away the mold I am what I am there will b no sequel I have no twin there is no equal there will never b any rights 2 a movie about me ever 2 b sold
😍2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share BESAFE BSTRONG and protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE always look out 4 wolves with hearts of ice dressed in sheeps clothing and b ware the road 2 peace love and happiness is in serious need of tender loving care there is only one planet earth we all have 2 work 2gether 2 try and repair this beautiful world we all share because there is not another place like it somewhere outthere 4 us 2 use as a spare just floating around in thin air life should b a dream not a nightmare
U have 2 give love if u want 2 get love if u want peace u got 2 give some peace if u want happiness u have 2 share some happiness if u really care about everyone everywhere outthere it’s only fair 🍀🤞

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