🤞when it comes 2 u and what u want 2 do u gotta go all in and let it rip and know that troubles r the buds u need 2 nip always b good and do what u should and get a grip don’t wait 2 long 2 test the waters of hopes wishes and dreams and take a dip u set the course of your future u r the skipper it’s time 4 u 2 grab the wheel and b the commander of your ship
The world is a 3 ring circus u have 2 learn how 2 control without a chair and a whip the reason a dog has so many friends is because they wag there tails instead of there tongues that’s just a little tip
my father taught me right from wrong and said live and die by what u believe and like Billy The Kid always shoot from the hip less is more and it’s always better 2 b seen than heard keep your opinions 2 yourself and button your lip 2morrow is a movie and god is the only one who knows the script u just have 2 b ready 2 play your part in every clip we have 2 live our lives 2 the fullest while we r strong and healthy because time goes by like Niagara Falls it doesn’t drip from the day we r born we begin a journey 2 the promise land a place without end knowing everyone’s LIFEISAONEWAYTRIP☮️💟✝️
🍀Gloria Gaynor sang I WILL SURVIVE and Eric Clapton played WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE while Incubus does DRIVE
In this world we r all helpless babies when we arrive
I have already burned thru 6 months of being 65
and everyday when I wake up I thank god and say it’s a good day 2 b alive
I am happy 2 still b able 2 do a cartwheel off the dive
I am blessed knowing that I am the king bee buzzing around the willrello hive
some people talk a lot of Jive
It’s your life 2 live never let anyone else drive always BESAFE BESTRONG and protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE if u want 2 SURVIVE ✌️🤙🤟👌😎😘

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