😎 ✍️ GO4ARIDE ✍️ 😎 🙏
✌️my brain is a train going insane and when I want 2 let it all go and blow right out the window I get pie eyed and I lay low and GO4ARIDE
I love 2 go where only eagles and Angels dare 2 fly up in the clouds where the houses of the holy r hidden inside a person with no hopes wishes and dreams lives a life of regrets 4 all the things that were never tried everyday life is a slippery slope 2 grip trying your hardest not 2 b on a sinking ship and get caught up in the slip and slide my father told me if I live a life of crime in my spare time like I am Bonnie and Clyde u know what they say u can run but u can’t hide he said the truth will set u free a good person is measured by there word of honesty not 4 all the times they lied always b good and do what u should never let the faith in yourself and god b denied if u want 2 live the good life full of peace love and happiness look inside your heart mind and soul and u will find everything u need that our father who Art in heaven has supplied I have laughed and I have cried and everyday I can’t wait 2 open my eyes wide and I thank the man upstairs 4 letting me live another day my way and climb in2 my brain and GO4ARIDE THANKU 2 everyone everywhere outthere 4 coming 2 c me at aneyefullofearcandy I hold all u in my mind and my heart beats because of all the love I have 4 all u deep down inside ❤️😘😍👁👁😍😘❤️

heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere
living on this crazy planet we all share always bsafe bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with eyes like coal and hearts of ice and beware
here I am once again it’s just LITTLEOLME trying 2 reach out and touch u with aneyefullofearcandy u know what they say what will b will b and what the future holds 4 us all we just have 2 wait and c
everyone has a mind of there own in this world and I bet there r a lot of things going on
and I’m sure we won’t agree but in America only REPUBLICANLIVESMATTER 2 LITTLEOLME I am not down with letsgobrandon or anybody in his socialist communist demrat party the email address on my website is private and only seen by LITTLEOLME
your privacy is priority number one when it comes 2 what everyone can c I am not on any social media fb Twitter or instagram only YouTube and my website is the only place u will c LITTLEOLME I don’t really care about commercialism and trying 2 build up a bunch of forms of advertising 2 gain popularity so people everywhere outthere would want 2 come and c LITTLEOLME I have had my poems and poetry going worldwide about 30 plus years @ aneyefullofearcandy and all u have 2 do if u want 2 talk 2 LITTLEOLME is just go 2
jswpoet@optonline.net and we will c what will b between u and LITTLEOLME I give away a book I wrote and published myself with over 100 poems and I give it away 4 free just click on read my mind and u will c a book of peace love and happiness in ink on paper imagined in my mind and written by LITTLEOLME I just did whistletunestwo and I can’t wait 2 do 4 u number 3 if u check out each and every category and all my posts in my past website history u will c a plethora of mind babble and jibber jabber of words that fly through my mind like baby birds that I have 2 say 2 set them all free never think your arms r 2 short 2 reach out and touch heaven and grab everything u hope wish and dream and pray 2 one day c always laugh loud keep your chin up and walk proud thinking look at the whole wide world looking at LITTLEOLME
when u feel like u can’t go on and u take a knee that’s the time 2 pick yourself up and get back in the rat race and pick up the pace and show everybody that come hell or high water 2 sit back and watch u b everything u want b
and one fine day when it’s all been said and done u can say 2 everyone now what do all of y’all think of LITTLEOLME after everything I said using poetry
and videos giving u the chance 2 like love hate or disagree with LITTLEOLME 😎🙏👁👁

🙃I don’t think it matters at all no one gives a flying duck WHATIHAVE2SAY
🙄sometimes I wonder if anyone anywhere outthere really does care or even gives a leapin lizard if anything goes my way
😳I often have thoughts thinking does anyone give a slimy snake about what happens 2 me trying 2 catch an even break as I live love laugh and play
🙂2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share I do give a rats ass if uall have a smile on your face’s everyday come what may it makes god happy and the life u live and the world u live it in a better place stay
😉when it comes 2 all of u I really do give a gaggle of geese about all of u and my heart is true when i say peace✌️ hangloose🤙iloveu🤟ok👌
🤨we all have 2 give a fickle feather about ourself your game peace is not on the monopoly board of anyone else we all have 2 chase everything we hope wish dream and pray as we try 2 get peace love and happiness 2 go our way and fulfill our wildest imagination while we r young and strong because life is short and death is long so live 2 love and love 2 live your lives 2 the fullest b4 u pass away peace b with u all always god bless and all the best peace love and happiness happy trails peace cya sealed with a kiss 😘💋and I hope uall live an endless life living in a world that is a state of bliss 2 u and yours thats


😎✌️ 🤙 MY HAND 🤟 👌 😎
✍️when I get a peace of paper and a pen in my hand my imagination snorts pixie dust and out the window I fly destination never never land
I am a pilot of a balsa wood plane powered by a giant rubberband my brain is a crazy bullet train off the track and out of wack blowing smoke rings out of my stack hoping when I speak uall understand
Whenever I roll a nice fat and tasty bone ZIG-ZAG 1 1/4 ULTRA THIN rolling papers is my go 2 brand SOULSHINE is an awesome beautiful and amazing song that I love done by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND I hope wish dream and pray 2 one day live on the WEST COAST OF FLORIDA
in the land of sun and sand
It’s one of the steps in my stairway 2 heaven on my way 2 the promiseland a person that has no dreams has no future life planned they say god has the whole world in his hand if u say that u r in love and that person is who u r always thinking of and u would like 2 live with them until u go 2 the heavens above always suggest never expect always compromise and never demand always let honesty b the truth that sets u free if u don’t want 2 end up all alone on your own in NoMansLand
Words fly like wild birds in my head hoping I capture them 2 b said and my eyes always get teared up and red about all of the one I leave behind and strand we need 2 use education 4 transportation and inhale information 2 get u 2 a higher destination if we want our minds 2 expand
LITTLE FEAT Sing IF You’ll Be My Dixie Chicken I’ll Be Your Tennessee Lamb And We Can Walk Together Down In Dixieland John Donne wrote a short and simple poem titled No Man Is An Island I am 6 month in2 being 65 taking the good with the bad thanking our father 4 letting me b alive and making my life so grand
I would like 2 thank the man upstairs personally 4 giving all of us a place 2 live 4ever eternally 4 free in the mansions of glory hidden within the HOLYLAND
Built with peace love and happiness by our father with tender loving care 4 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share is what he planned and made by hand and all u have 2 do is have faith and believe in him 2 of your own free will that is what he prays without demand
❤️🤍💙GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸

the super Luna will be here real soon If the sky’s r clear we should all have a smile on our face from ear 2 ear when we c the Full Super Strawberry Moon on Tuesday the 14th of June and 2gether we can all sing that beautiful old Dean Martin Amore tune 🌝😘💋

🙂WhatUGive not WhatUTake
✌️in life love and friendships it’s WhatUGive Not WhatUTake
If peace love and happiness
is the mental meal u r trying 2
make imagine the lengths people will go 2 trying 2 do something wrong is it so hard 2 do what’s right 4 Christ sake love is more than a word it’s a feeling and it’s easy 2 c if someone is true by what they do because it’s plain 2 c and feel out a fake get rid of what u don’t need u should know when it’s time 2 take a break your mind is a vehicle and only u know when 2 hit the gas or slam on the F N brake or tell a person 2 take a hike or go fly a kite and tie a rock 2 your head and go jump in the lake explore your imagination with fascination and figure out a good way 2 make some dough by planting a money tree and give it a hard shake and gather the harvest of of your crop with a fine tooth rake beware of wolves in sheeps clothing that have hearts of ice that speak with the forked tongue of a snake don’t take the high road or the low road always blaze your own trail and b unique like a true hard 2 find one of a kind and b a snowflake I am sorry if I go off the path and say I am not Betty Crocker or the Pillsbury Dough Boy But everyday I like 2 get blown away when I wake and bake we all only get one life 2 live 2 love and give never knowing what the future holds or how important it is 2 breathe every breath u take not realizing how precious and fragile your life is
And what time is worth and when u gamble with it not thinking about whats going on or how much is really at stake they say that there is calm in the eye of a hurricane and there is no safe place 2 hide in the epicenter of a earthquake when u hope wish and dream try 2 b awake don’t let your world b a nightmare filled with heartache only u can decide if u can have and eat your cake and Drakes Cakes r good 2 eat after u bake try not 2 judge people like the cover of a book everyone everywhere outthere deserves a fair shake I may not b the brightest bulb in the house but I know the difference between shit and shineola and the real deal from a fake always remember in life love and friendships it’s all about WhatUGive not WhatUTake GODBLESS and ALLTHEBEST and always try 2 do what u r supposed 2 do and strive while u r alive 2 please do what’s right 4 Christ Sake