🙂WhatUGive not WhatUTake
✌️in life love and friendships it’s WhatUGive Not WhatUTake
If peace love and happiness
is the mental meal u r trying 2
make imagine the lengths people will go 2 trying 2 do something wrong is it so hard 2 do what’s right 4 Christ sake love is more than a word it’s a feeling and it’s easy 2 c if someone is true by what they do because it’s plain 2 c and feel out a fake get rid of what u don’t need u should know when it’s time 2 take a break your mind is a vehicle and only u know when 2 hit the gas or slam on the F N brake or tell a person 2 take a hike or go fly a kite and tie a rock 2 your head and go jump in the lake explore your imagination with fascination and figure out a good way 2 make some dough by planting a money tree and give it a hard shake and gather the harvest of of your crop with a fine tooth rake beware of wolves in sheeps clothing that have hearts of ice that speak with the forked tongue of a snake don’t take the high road or the low road always blaze your own trail and b unique like a true hard 2 find one of a kind and b a snowflake I am sorry if I go off the path and say I am not Betty Crocker or the Pillsbury Dough Boy But everyday I like 2 get blown away when I wake and bake we all only get one life 2 live 2 love and give never knowing what the future holds or how important it is 2 breathe every breath u take not realizing how precious and fragile your life is
And what time is worth and when u gamble with it not thinking about whats going on or how much is really at stake they say that there is calm in the eye of a hurricane and there is no safe place 2 hide in the epicenter of a earthquake when u hope wish and dream try 2 b awake don’t let your world b a nightmare filled with heartache only u can decide if u can have and eat your cake and Drakes Cakes r good 2 eat after u bake try not 2 judge people like the cover of a book everyone everywhere outthere deserves a fair shake I may not b the brightest bulb in the house but I know the difference between shit and shineola and the real deal from a fake always remember in life love and friendships it’s all about WhatUGive not WhatUTake GODBLESS and ALLTHEBEST and always try 2 do what u r supposed 2 do and strive while u r alive 2 please do what’s right 4 Christ Sake

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