😍💋😘 FINE / TIME 😘💋😍
🙃a rolling stone gathers no moss so I keep it moving and shaking and everything is FINE
Johnny Cash did a song in 1958 called I WALK THE LINE
a good massage release’s a rapture of elation that gives u a bolt of positive energy up and down your spine I like 2 say peace hangloose iloveu ok and express it by using a hand sign
news travels fast on the internet and World Wide Web
or social media when I was young we had 2 wait 2 hear it thru the grapevine
Aerosmith has a couple songs I love called DRAW THE LINE and F.I.N.E. I guess we all have a long list of things that r going on that blows our mind and we can look at each other and say would u like some cheese with that wine there is a comedy movie called THE PINK PANTHER that came out in 2006 and starred Steve Martin and Kevin Kline and Henry Fonda plays Wyatt Earp
In an American Western film in 1946 called My Darling Clementine my imagination is a little light of mine that I am going 2 continue 2 let shine 2 help me find all of the peace love and happiness I need 2 make me feel FINE 😎☮️💟✝️❤️
❤️both PINK FLOYD and THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT have a gr8 song called TIME FRANK ZAPPA has an amazing
tune titled I’M THE SLIME I like 2 write morning noon and night just trying 2 get it all right taking the thoughts I think and put them on paper in ink hoping everyone everywhere outthere understands the reason 4 my rhyme it’s my choice 2 publish my one of a kind precious and fragile kaleidoscope mind if I didn’t share everything I feel deep down inside it surely would b a capital crime I love 2 listen 2 SANTERIA SMOKE TWO JOINTS and WHAT I GOT by SUBLIME when I was young and dumb out in the world having fun by the ton living my life on the run u could go in2 a phone booth and make a call 4 only a dime
If it’s better 2 b seen than heard and not utter a single word MARCEL MARCEAU is hands down the worlds gr8est
MIME it would b a crime if we didn’t listen 2 music all the time trying 2 put a smile on our faces and blow our minds searching 4 all the hopes wishes and dreams we pray 2 one day find chasing after everything it takes 2 live a life of love that is always in search of a FINE / TIME ❤️☮️💟✝️

🍀I’m In It For The Long Haul
🙏in life u have 2 keep your ducks in a row and cross your T’s and dot your eyes and stay on the ball
everyone has problems 2 solve some big and some small
I like 2 leave the past behind by living 4 the future and keep my chin up high and walk tall
I am 4 months away from being 66 and I still can do cartwheels but I’m sure the day will come when I can’t find my walker and I have 2 crawl
I work out everyday trying 2 keep old age at bay thinking I am still a bucking bronc trying 2 kick down the wall in my stall
knowing in my mind that just like Rome when my time runs out I will surely fall
QUEEN has a GR8 Album called the MIRACLE with a tune on it titled I WANT IT ALL
The Moody Blues have a cool song called RIDE MY SEE SAW
PINK FLOYD did an awesome beautiful and amazing theme album called THE WALL
SAGA has a tune they do titled
Footsteps In The Hall
no matter how tough and hard times ever got 4 me I never robbed Peter 2 pay Paul
it has been 3 years since I have gone out 2 go shopping at the Mall
The Wild Bunch is a crazy movie from 1969 that was directed by SAM PECKINPAH
I love Ted Nugent and he has a gr8 tune called Walking Tall
there is an incredibly funny comedy album out done by Steve Martin called Let’s Get Small
I always loved 2 c Minni Pearl
whenever I watched a really funny show called HEE HAW
when I was younger I used 2 love 2 go 2 Great Adventure and get on the ride known as
I remember growing up my mom always made a turkey on Thanksgiving supplied by Butterball
there is an extinct species of human that lived 40 thousand years ago called the Neanderthal
I like 2 visit the category SNOWMANSLAND on aneyefullofearcandy when a heatwave hits and watch Frosty thaw
Paul Rogers has an awesome song called Laying Down The Law
If u get your ass in trouble and u r about 2 lose it all and u need a good lawyer u Better Call Saul
I like a nice Reuben on rye with corned beef Swiss cheese thousand island dressing topped with a healthy pile of tangy Coleslaw
I can’t eat no sushi or ceviche or sashimi or any tartare kitfo
Or koi soi I have no desire 2 consume any fish or animals that r Raw
like I said in the beginning of this I’m In It For The Long Haul
my heart is the engine that drives this Time Machine and I hope wish dream and pray that it never gets the urge 2 stall
when we were all babies tiny and small before we could walk or run we had 2 learn how 2 crawl and grab on2 the furniture and use the wall 2 hold us up so we wouldn’t fall and act cool like we r really on the ball living a perfect life that doesn’t have a flaw and watch out when your friends lets u slam 2 the ground after they jump off the see saw always chase everything u hope wish and dream on your bucket list and capture them all live a life of peace love and happiness and always try 2 b good and do what u should and obey the law so u never have 2 Call Saul
and remember sometimes we r the bat and sometimes we r the ball
a mind is a terrible thing 2 waste and a brain is a dry sponge looking 2 soak up knowledge so make sure u get a good education and don’t go thru life like a hard headed NEANDERTHAL ✌️🤙🤟👌

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ ❤️ $ CASH $❤️ ❤️ ❤️
❤️never sell your soul and let something or someone else take control 4 the love of cash I love the song Train In Vain by the CLASH I am hoping 4 the REDWAVE in November 2 make a big splash there is an excellent movie called BEAUTIFUL MIND about a U.S.Mathematician named JOHN NASH my favorite hot tea 2 drink is FUSION GREEN & WHITE by STASH poison ivy leaves 3 leave them b or u will b taking a bath in calamine lotion 2 get rid of the RASH the engine and powerdrive of the GUNS&ROSES BAND is delivered by the guitar played by SLASH in 1989 ALICE COOPER released his 11th studio album with a title and song by the same name called TRASH OLD NO. 7 JACK DANIEL’S Tennessee Whiskey is the King of SOURMASH I love the Original Blend Salt Free All Natural Seasonings made by Mrs.DASH I will never 4get that day in 2-18-01 at the DAYTONA 500 when we lost DALE EARNHARDT in that horrific race ending CRASH
try 2 remember when u r smoking a fat bone and getting high be like Musical Youth and pass the DUCHIE 2 the left hand side and flick that ash
there is an awesome song by EVA & THE HEARTMAKER that u have 2 hear called GONE IN A FLASH if u get caught destroying property with graffiti in North Korea
U pay the price by the lash I love the Looney Tunes and Merri Melodies cartoons with Tweety Bird And Sylvester the Cat Saying SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH 😎😍🙃🤓😘

❤️ ❤️ HYPNOTIZE ❤️ ❤️ 💋
❤️a smile has the ability 2 HYPNOTIZE u can c in2 the windows of my mind when u look deep in2 my green eyes I like potato chips made by wise Aerosmith has a couple cool songs I love called Lord Of The Thighs and No Surprise let’sgobrandon is buck fiden in disguise I would like 2 catch a sunset in a butterfly net as time fly’s and wake up 2 awesome beautiful and amazing red hot sky’s when I open my green eyes 2 a fantabulous and heavenly sunrise the British Rock Band Def Leopard sings Let’s Get Rocked on their album Adrenalize I love 2 make my own pizza pie’s George Orwell had a book published in 1984 Called Nineteen Eighty Four that was about big brother watching me and u remember b good and do what u should and u need not worry about the camera spy’s when I go out and paint the town I tell everyone around don’t touch anything till the graffiti dry’s socialist communism is destroying AMERICA unless u r dumbed down by the media and driven by bullshit and lies they say tears r a good way 2 release your sorrows and pain when a person cry’s there is a awesome novel by William Golding u have 2 read called Lord Of The Flies the 6th album by Richie BlackMore’s British hard Rock Band Rainbow is titled Straight Between The Eyes life on earth is a gift and heaven is a eternal place 2 live that is the prize a person gets when u pass thru the pearly gates after the spirit of your soul turns in2 an Angel and flys across the friendly sky’s after the human body u were given passes away and dies everyone is unique and we all need 2 realize everybody has a hidden treasure of talents that god supplies as we chase our hopes wishes and dreams using our imaginations 2 devise plans 2 figure out a way 2 make them all materialize life is not a race we all need 2 learn from our mistakes and teach the young ones that come after us when we become old and wise your smile is your best dress 4 success and if u were like me being part of the 2 percent of humans on the planet that have green eyes always use them 2 HYPNOTIZE the one u love everyday with peace love and happiness and a world of surprise ☮️💟✝️🙏
🌝on Wednesday July 13th keep your eyes 2 the sky’s because that’s when the Full Buck Moon Fly’s and it will b the biggest and brightest Super Moon this year that will b a nice surprise if the weather cooperates and let’s the Luna materialize from sunset 2 sunrise🌞🌝🌕🌞🌝🌕🥰

🙃😎😳 FEED 🙃 😎 😳 🍀
😎I have quite an appetite 2 write and my minds light is powered by an imaginary electrical feed
😋when things don’t go right and u want 2 add some elevation 2 your hind sight and take things 2 a new height because u have a head u need 2 feed some good weed and float like a kite all day and 2 have sweet dreams every night trying 2 get the quality beauty rest we all need swimming in a REM world with crazy fantasies we hope 2 one day feed our minds when they r in need just like Mick Jagger singing lead 4 the Stones saying we all need someone we can lean on and if you want it well you can lean on me when he sings the song Let It Bleed New Jersey used 2 have a motorcycle club that had rivals like Hells Angels the Pagans and the Warlocks and they were founded in 1965 in the little shore town of Asbury Park and there name was THE BREED there is an awesome Rock Song I love 2 hear loud and clear called ONE LAST BREATH by CREED and if u have a need u have 2 feed take a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with LOU REED and the ROLLING STONES released a Phenomenal gr8 album on November 28th 1969 with the same name as the title track written by KEITH RICHARDS and MICK JAGGER called LET IT BLEED that was an excellent meal of amazing mind feed in this world it takes a special breed 2 succeed and get everything u need when u have a family of mouths 2 feed as we try 2 defend ourselves from the ugliness of greed living the lives we lead with god speed they say everyday we have 2 find a way 2 pay it 4ward and be kind and do a good deed what came first the father and mother or the baby or the chicken or the egg or the pot plant or the seed let your eyes ears and heart b the filter 4 your mind on everything u c hear feel and read the brain is a knowledge hungry beast that is never 2 old 2 learn a lesson and is always patiently waiting like OLIVER begging 4 some more and we all r thirsty with high hopes wishes and dreams tempting our wildest imagination that has an uncontrollable and strong need 4 us all 2 feed as we blaze our own trail across gods gr8 earth trying never 2 follow the pied piper 2 hell and let god b the light u chase and always follow his lead the mind is a terrible thing 2 waste so write with your world lit up by your thought light hoping 2 let your prayers spawn from dusk till dawn in the clouds of heaven Trying 2 create an awesome beautiful and amazing peace of literature 2 feed everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share with a tempting and tasty slice of delicious mind babble 4 uall 2 read that grows in your minds like a weed and just like Michael Hutchence sings in the INXS Song I hope I give you WHAT YOU NEED 🥰
☮️❤️😍2U4EVER 👁❤️U😘
never think your arms r 2 short 2 hold gods hand when u reach up and touch the sky
all your hopes wishes and dreams r hidden within the clouds of heaven waiting 4 u 2 chase them way up high where they can only b seen by an eagles eye and give them a try
fish swim through water the same way birds do when they spread their wings and fly
2 everyone everywhere outthere BESAFE bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare I hope wish dream and pray uall have an awesome beautiful and amazing HAPPY4thOFJULY ❤️