🙃😎😳 FEED 🙃 😎 😳 🍀
😎I have quite an appetite 2 write and my minds light is powered by an imaginary electrical feed
😋when things don’t go right and u want 2 add some elevation 2 your hind sight and take things 2 a new height because u have a head u need 2 feed some good weed and float like a kite all day and 2 have sweet dreams every night trying 2 get the quality beauty rest we all need swimming in a REM world with crazy fantasies we hope 2 one day feed our minds when they r in need just like Mick Jagger singing lead 4 the Stones saying we all need someone we can lean on and if you want it well you can lean on me when he sings the song Let It Bleed New Jersey used 2 have a motorcycle club that had rivals like Hells Angels the Pagans and the Warlocks and they were founded in 1965 in the little shore town of Asbury Park and there name was THE BREED there is an awesome Rock Song I love 2 hear loud and clear called ONE LAST BREATH by CREED and if u have a need u have 2 feed take a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with LOU REED and the ROLLING STONES released a Phenomenal gr8 album on November 28th 1969 with the same name as the title track written by KEITH RICHARDS and MICK JAGGER called LET IT BLEED that was an excellent meal of amazing mind feed in this world it takes a special breed 2 succeed and get everything u need when u have a family of mouths 2 feed as we try 2 defend ourselves from the ugliness of greed living the lives we lead with god speed they say everyday we have 2 find a way 2 pay it 4ward and be kind and do a good deed what came first the father and mother or the baby or the chicken or the egg or the pot plant or the seed let your eyes ears and heart b the filter 4 your mind on everything u c hear feel and read the brain is a knowledge hungry beast that is never 2 old 2 learn a lesson and is always patiently waiting like OLIVER begging 4 some more and we all r thirsty with high hopes wishes and dreams tempting our wildest imagination that has an uncontrollable and strong need 4 us all 2 feed as we blaze our own trail across gods gr8 earth trying never 2 follow the pied piper 2 hell and let god b the light u chase and always follow his lead the mind is a terrible thing 2 waste so write with your world lit up by your thought light hoping 2 let your prayers spawn from dusk till dawn in the clouds of heaven Trying 2 create an awesome beautiful and amazing peace of literature 2 feed everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share with a tempting and tasty slice of delicious mind babble 4 uall 2 read that grows in your minds like a weed and just like Michael Hutchence sings in the INXS Song I hope I give you WHAT YOU NEED 🥰
☮️❤️😍2U4EVER 👁❤️U😘
never think your arms r 2 short 2 hold gods hand when u reach up and touch the sky
all your hopes wishes and dreams r hidden within the clouds of heaven waiting 4 u 2 chase them way up high where they can only b seen by an eagles eye and give them a try
fish swim through water the same way birds do when they spread their wings and fly
2 everyone everywhere outthere BESAFE bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare I hope wish dream and pray uall have an awesome beautiful and amazing HAPPY4thOFJULY ❤️

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