❤️ ❤️ HYPNOTIZE ❤️ ❤️ 💋
❤️a smile has the ability 2 HYPNOTIZE u can c in2 the windows of my mind when u look deep in2 my green eyes I like potato chips made by wise Aerosmith has a couple cool songs I love called Lord Of The Thighs and No Surprise let’sgobrandon is buck fiden in disguise I would like 2 catch a sunset in a butterfly net as time fly’s and wake up 2 awesome beautiful and amazing red hot sky’s when I open my green eyes 2 a fantabulous and heavenly sunrise the British Rock Band Def Leopard sings Let’s Get Rocked on their album Adrenalize I love 2 make my own pizza pie’s George Orwell had a book published in 1984 Called Nineteen Eighty Four that was about big brother watching me and u remember b good and do what u should and u need not worry about the camera spy’s when I go out and paint the town I tell everyone around don’t touch anything till the graffiti dry’s socialist communism is destroying AMERICA unless u r dumbed down by the media and driven by bullshit and lies they say tears r a good way 2 release your sorrows and pain when a person cry’s there is a awesome novel by William Golding u have 2 read called Lord Of The Flies the 6th album by Richie BlackMore’s British hard Rock Band Rainbow is titled Straight Between The Eyes life on earth is a gift and heaven is a eternal place 2 live that is the prize a person gets when u pass thru the pearly gates after the spirit of your soul turns in2 an Angel and flys across the friendly sky’s after the human body u were given passes away and dies everyone is unique and we all need 2 realize everybody has a hidden treasure of talents that god supplies as we chase our hopes wishes and dreams using our imaginations 2 devise plans 2 figure out a way 2 make them all materialize life is not a race we all need 2 learn from our mistakes and teach the young ones that come after us when we become old and wise your smile is your best dress 4 success and if u were like me being part of the 2 percent of humans on the planet that have green eyes always use them 2 HYPNOTIZE the one u love everyday with peace love and happiness and a world of surprise ☮️💟✝️🙏
🌝on Wednesday July 13th keep your eyes 2 the sky’s because that’s when the Full Buck Moon Fly’s and it will b the biggest and brightest Super Moon this year that will b a nice surprise if the weather cooperates and let’s the Luna materialize from sunset 2 sunrise🌞🌝🌕🌞🌝🌕🥰

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