🍀I’m In It For The Long Haul
🙏in life u have 2 keep your ducks in a row and cross your T’s and dot your eyes and stay on the ball
everyone has problems 2 solve some big and some small
I like 2 leave the past behind by living 4 the future and keep my chin up high and walk tall
I am 4 months away from being 66 and I still can do cartwheels but I’m sure the day will come when I can’t find my walker and I have 2 crawl
I work out everyday trying 2 keep old age at bay thinking I am still a bucking bronc trying 2 kick down the wall in my stall
knowing in my mind that just like Rome when my time runs out I will surely fall
QUEEN has a GR8 Album called the MIRACLE with a tune on it titled I WANT IT ALL
The Moody Blues have a cool song called RIDE MY SEE SAW
PINK FLOYD did an awesome beautiful and amazing theme album called THE WALL
SAGA has a tune they do titled
Footsteps In The Hall
no matter how tough and hard times ever got 4 me I never robbed Peter 2 pay Paul
it has been 3 years since I have gone out 2 go shopping at the Mall
The Wild Bunch is a crazy movie from 1969 that was directed by SAM PECKINPAH
I love Ted Nugent and he has a gr8 tune called Walking Tall
there is an incredibly funny comedy album out done by Steve Martin called Let’s Get Small
I always loved 2 c Minni Pearl
whenever I watched a really funny show called HEE HAW
when I was younger I used 2 love 2 go 2 Great Adventure and get on the ride known as
I remember growing up my mom always made a turkey on Thanksgiving supplied by Butterball
there is an extinct species of human that lived 40 thousand years ago called the Neanderthal
I like 2 visit the category SNOWMANSLAND on aneyefullofearcandy when a heatwave hits and watch Frosty thaw
Paul Rogers has an awesome song called Laying Down The Law
If u get your ass in trouble and u r about 2 lose it all and u need a good lawyer u Better Call Saul
I like a nice Reuben on rye with corned beef Swiss cheese thousand island dressing topped with a healthy pile of tangy Coleslaw
I can’t eat no sushi or ceviche or sashimi or any tartare kitfo
Or koi soi I have no desire 2 consume any fish or animals that r Raw
like I said in the beginning of this I’m In It For The Long Haul
my heart is the engine that drives this Time Machine and I hope wish dream and pray that it never gets the urge 2 stall
when we were all babies tiny and small before we could walk or run we had 2 learn how 2 crawl and grab on2 the furniture and use the wall 2 hold us up so we wouldn’t fall and act cool like we r really on the ball living a perfect life that doesn’t have a flaw and watch out when your friends lets u slam 2 the ground after they jump off the see saw always chase everything u hope wish and dream on your bucket list and capture them all live a life of peace love and happiness and always try 2 b good and do what u should and obey the law so u never have 2 Call Saul
and remember sometimes we r the bat and sometimes we r the ball
a mind is a terrible thing 2 waste and a brain is a dry sponge looking 2 soak up knowledge so make sure u get a good education and don’t go thru life like a hard headed NEANDERTHAL ✌️🤙🤟👌

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