😍💋😘 FINE / TIME 😘💋😍
🙃a rolling stone gathers no moss so I keep it moving and shaking and everything is FINE
Johnny Cash did a song in 1958 called I WALK THE LINE
a good massage release’s a rapture of elation that gives u a bolt of positive energy up and down your spine I like 2 say peace hangloose iloveu ok and express it by using a hand sign
news travels fast on the internet and World Wide Web
or social media when I was young we had 2 wait 2 hear it thru the grapevine
Aerosmith has a couple songs I love called DRAW THE LINE and F.I.N.E. I guess we all have a long list of things that r going on that blows our mind and we can look at each other and say would u like some cheese with that wine there is a comedy movie called THE PINK PANTHER that came out in 2006 and starred Steve Martin and Kevin Kline and Henry Fonda plays Wyatt Earp
In an American Western film in 1946 called My Darling Clementine my imagination is a little light of mine that I am going 2 continue 2 let shine 2 help me find all of the peace love and happiness I need 2 make me feel FINE 😎☮️💟✝️❤️
❤️both PINK FLOYD and THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT have a gr8 song called TIME FRANK ZAPPA has an amazing
tune titled I’M THE SLIME I like 2 write morning noon and night just trying 2 get it all right taking the thoughts I think and put them on paper in ink hoping everyone everywhere outthere understands the reason 4 my rhyme it’s my choice 2 publish my one of a kind precious and fragile kaleidoscope mind if I didn’t share everything I feel deep down inside it surely would b a capital crime I love 2 listen 2 SANTERIA SMOKE TWO JOINTS and WHAT I GOT by SUBLIME when I was young and dumb out in the world having fun by the ton living my life on the run u could go in2 a phone booth and make a call 4 only a dime
If it’s better 2 b seen than heard and not utter a single word MARCEL MARCEAU is hands down the worlds gr8est
MIME it would b a crime if we didn’t listen 2 music all the time trying 2 put a smile on our faces and blow our minds searching 4 all the hopes wishes and dreams we pray 2 one day find chasing after everything it takes 2 live a life of love that is always in search of a FINE / TIME ❤️☮️💟✝️

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