🏫 ⏱ THE CLOCK ⏰ 🕰 😵‍💫
🍀women r from Venus and men r from Mars one of us has the key and the other has the lock we all live our lives on the run 2 get things done and have some fun as we get 2 stepin the whole time getting chased by the hands on the face of THE CLOCK I love Ted Nugent and in 1979 he released a gr8 album called STATE OF SHOCK I have danced a time or 2 after I had a few bottles of witches brew but one thing u will never c me do is shake my thing on TICTOK I love the band April Wine and they have an awesome tune they do titled
u can head on over 2 the Frisco Bay 2day and u may catch a glimpse of the ghost of Ottis Redding whistling a tune and sitting on the DOCK
when it comes 2 cartoons there is nothing like Looneytunes when u hear BUGS BUNNY say
Leonard Nimoy plays a mixed human Vulcan on Star Treks Starship USS ENTERPRISE as a science officer that goes by the name of SPOCK Twisted Sister has an amazing song and video I love called I WANT TO ROCK I love 2 hear Ronnie Van Zant sing FREE BIRD and then I am one with the wind a lone Angel flying on my own in the twilight zone without a flock when I was in the 8th grade I went 2 my first dance with Sue Hritz and I was no sock hop I was so nervous u could hear my knees knock I love 2 watch the young kids cut a rug jamming 2 Bill Haley And The Comets videos play
the next time u go 2 Las Vegas
go 2 the world famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop where they film Pawn Stars and check out Chumlee if u have a family heirloom u want 2 hock
Macky Gee has a crazy song and video 4 u 2 c called AFTERSHOCK
there is a new album that came out this year that I love called BAD REPUTATION by the one and only KID ROCK
we all have the ability 2 break free from chains that hold down u and me because we r the keepers of the the key 2 set us free from the lock and act like we r in the state of shock ready 2 rock sitting in my Yellow Submarine tied 2 the dock listening 2 Bugs Bunny ask me What’s Up Doc
as I get ready 2 take off like Jonathan Seagull and fly free from the flock with a solar powered motor and one thing I can promise u is u will never hear my engine knock never let the sand in the hourglass bury u or let time blow your mind
my life is in the hands of god in a human race with THE CLOCK

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