☮️ 💟 ✝️ F R E E ☮️ 💟 ✝️
🙏the truth can set America FREE🤞there is a gr8 album I love called FIRE AND WATER by a band called FREE ❤️
I don’t care if no one wants 2 Call Me or if u think I’m crazy don’t try 2 Save Me 💋
SHINEDOWN has a couple songs I love called CALL ME and SAVE ME 💋
sometimes I say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 Rescue Me and there r daze I look in the mirror and I am Afraid Of Me😎
there is a Nashville Rapper called JELLY ROLL doing songs like RESCUE ME and AFRAID OF ME ✌️
I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they sing TELL ME BABY – THE ADVENTURES OF RAIN DANCE MAGGIE and NOBODY WEIRD LIKE ME ❤️
I love it when Florence And The Machine sing STAND BY ME and WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME ❤️ JETHRO TULL has a gr8 album titled AQUALUNG
with an amazing song on it called CROSS EYED MARY ❤️
KEHLANI never ceases 2 amaze me she is hot when she does DO YOU DIRTY and CRZY ❤️ Harry Styles is laid back and cool when he sings TO BE SO LONELY – CHERRY and SHE ❤️ I feel the music when Dua Lipa Does HIGH WILD AND FREE and ELECTRICITY ❤️ Royal Blood rocks me when they play LITTLE MONSTERS and ONE TRICK PONY ❤️ when I listen 2 Willie Nelson it gets me high when he sings Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die and Crazy ❤️😍🥰😘✌️🤙🤟👌
I live in the home of the brave and the land of the free it’s going 2 take more than fire and water if u call me 2 save me I like 2 say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 rescue me and there r daze that myself and I r afraid of me and I ask Donna 2 tell me baby as we dive head first in2 the adventures of rain dance Maggie and I’m thinking out loud and saying there’s nobody weird like me I thank god 4 letting my wife stand by me and look what the holy water gave me as I play cross eyed Mary and I will never do u dirty or lose my mind and go crzy i always strive never 2 be so lonely when she is my cherry I like 2 b high wild and free with life pumping thru me like electricity my mom used 2 say my brother and me were little monsters and we would always b a one trick pony but I want 2 say roll me up and smoke me when I die and enjoy the high
as I jam 2 Pink Floyd playing The Great Gig In The Sky and then David Lee Roth Singing Goin Crazy well that about says it all 4 me as I put this dog and pony show on 4 FREE and I would like 2 thank everybody that comes 2 c me @ aneyefullofearcandy it puts an ear 2 ear smile on my face that makes me happy remember a person without dreams has no life so b all u can b because the best days of your life r waiting 4 u 2 set them free 🍀

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