✌️🤙🤟👌AROUND ❤️🍀🤞
✍️everyday I thank god 4 letting me stick AROUND
some daze I feel lost and some days my happiness is found
did u ever find yourself caught in a thought that was deja vu brought on by a smell or sound
when I was growing up I spent a lot of time being a passenger on a crazy train going off the rails hell bound
there were times I almost got 2 b a gardener growing flowers from beneath the ground
my father always told me an ounce of prevention is worth more than any cure sold by the pound in my life there have been times that I laughed and times that I frowned and some where I cried like a baby and my tears made a puddle between my feet on the ground I can remember being a perfect gentleman and I have memories of myself howling at the moon like a blue tick coon hound I used 2 love the way I felt after a couple rounds of Wild Turkey 101 were downed
I used 2 try and drink myself on2 the boat in the bottle and I don’t know how I didn’t drowned I am nothing but a ding a ling destined not 2 b the king of anything my head will never b heavy from being crowned did u ever think that planet earth is a baseball field and u control the game of your life from the pitcher’s mound
Green Day has a song with over 105 million views called
When I Come Around
I love the song I Once Was Lost
But Now I’m Found
Lynyrd Skynyrd sings That Smell and INXS say Hear That Sound
Hank Williams Jr is Whisky Bent And Hell Bound
Stevie Wonder does Higher Ground
There’s a song called Let’s Play House by The Dog Pound
when I come around love can b found I love music and I feel better when I hear that sound and from now on my train is heaven bound and until that day I am going 2 keep my 2 feet on the right side of the ground and everyday I exercise an ounce of prevention and I never need 2 buy any cure sold by the pound and I remember the times I laughed and I learn from the ones I frowned
I used 2 run with the pack but now I am a lone wolf with no desire 2 b a hell hound
on October first it will b 84 months 4 me since any alcohol at all has been downed
I have 2 friends Craig Stire and Andy Fasanella that I grew up with when we young who disappeared from Round Valley
while camping and May have drowned and they were never found I can remember 5 times in my life where I was set upon in a bar and I was Royaly crowned and beaten 2 the ground in2 a perfect little mound like I was in a deep sleep without a sound it is best 2 live 2 love another day and run away than 2 b attacked and knocked down 2 the ground in my life I have found I am good at hand rolling a nice bone that is perfectly wound so 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare thanx 4 coming AROUND 😎❤️‍🔥❤️
🌝the FullHarvestMoon was hidden from sight by the clouds and rain on Saturday night but I’m glad I got some pictures on Friday that came out alright just a little eyecandy from me 2 u and I hope uall enjoy every bite
2 everyone everywhere outthere I can’t wait 4 October 9th so we all can get caught up in the FullBloodMoon light
and admire it as it floats by like a stringless kite 🌝👁👁🌝

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