😎 😎 😎H E A D 😎 😎 😎
✍️if u Read My Mind u will c over 100 peace’s of my brain that escaped my H E A D ✍️
When I go thru it I remember everything and every word I said ✍️in everyone’s life we have times we love 2 reminisce
about and others we have trouble poking the needle in the eye with the thread ✍️
if I could choose how I would go I wish it could b while I was sleeping chasing dreams in my head as I lay sleeping like a baby in my bed ✍️I am a Conservative Republican American on the Right In The Red ✍️I live 2 hear the words socialist communism in the USA is DEAD 💀✍️
🖤I love 2 hear the song Ace Of Spade’s ♠️by the rock band MOTÖRHEAD 🖤
❤️‍🔥BJ Thomas sings Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head ❤️‍🔥
💘ELO does Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 💘
💜Little Anthony And The Imperials do Goin Out Of My Head 💜
💝Quiet Riot Says Bang Your Head 💝
💖Fleetwood Mac sings
Over My Head 💖
🟪Deep Purple plays Lazy and Smoke On The Water on there gr8 album Machine Head 🟪
💗I love the hit song I’m To Sexy by Right Said Fred 💗
💞I love the Flintstones Cartoons in 1960 when I was a young kid trying 2 keep up with the trial’s and tribulations of Barney and Fred 💞
❤️there is a beautiful song with over 105 million views called If You Don’t Know Me By Now done by Simply Red ❤️
💚I love the song Make It With You by the pop rock group BREAD 💚
❤️‍🩹when Phil Lesh’s father was dying from cancer he wrote a song called Box Of Rain with Robert Hunter that they did with the Grateful Dead ❤️‍🩹
✝️The Cure Does A dark Tune Titled Sleep When I’m Dead✝️
🤍there’s a rapper out there wireless in the air called Ramires with a gr8 tune with over 1 million views he does titled Lead Sled 🤍
🙂I’m here singing Ace Of Spade’s by Motörhead and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head trying 2 write poems that I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head that gets me Goin Out Of My Head sometimes u have 2 Bang Your Head when I Am in Over My Head so I take hit on the bong with Cheech And Chong and enjoy the Smoke On The Water 2 calm my Machine Head looking in the mirror thinking I’m To Sexy just like Barney and Fred and I say 2 everyone everywhere outthere If You Don’t Know Me By Now it’s hard 4 me 2 Make It With You as I cry listening 2 Box Of Rain by the Grateful Dead getting some rest when I can knowing deep down inside no worries I can always Sleep When I’m Dead but until then I’m going 4 a nice cruise listening 2 Rock Rap Country and Blues 4 my head floating down the highway of life in my LEAD SLED 😍🙏✌️🤙🤟👌

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