☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️
✍️birds fly and bees sting and they say in heaven u can hear sugar bells ring everyday and everynight I pray 2 god 2 come back 2 earth and fix everything and show all these world leaders who is the real King I really do love music and a 2 hear a person sing it’s my THING until my ears ring it gets me thru it doesn’t matter if it’s the WHO or MEXICAN RADIO by the new wave rock band WALL OF VOODOO the music moves me around and turns this big world upside down it gives me a mood swing bee sting what can I say I love the entertainers and there songs they r the wind beneath my wing just like a drug they r my THING iloveit when I hear THE TROGGS sing WILD THING INXS have a song from 82 I love titled THE ONE THING and in 1982 there was a horror mystery sci-fi movie starring Kurt Russell called
THE THING in 1973 there was an American caper flick starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the movie masterpiece THE STING the WOMBATS have a really cool song they sing titled BEE STING and there is a horror mystery movie franchise that started in 2002 that we all know as THE RING and in 2016 and 2021 we were gifted with 2 animation comedy family movies that r star studded when u hear there voices in the films SING in 1981 SANTANA covered a RUSS BALLARD tune on his ZEBOB album that was called WINNING THE CULT have a gr8 song from 89 I love 2 hear them sing called SUN KING AndTHE THOMPSON TWINS have a THING they do from 83 titled
LOVE LIES BLEEDING one day I will get 2 hear The Angels Sing
but until that day I look 4ward 2 listening 2 singers sing as loud as the speakers go trying 2 break my window and my ears start 2 ring crazy as a loon singing like a Ding A Ling
there is a song I love by BARRY WHITE with over 37 million views called YOU ARE THE FIRST MY LAST MY EVERYTHING because all the joy that it can bring music would rule everything if I was king and if I could get everyone’s ears 2 ring my job is done It’s Good To Be King and if anyone doesn’t like it Get In The Ring and take your best Swing I loveit when JULIE ANDREWS sings THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS it’s the music and when a person sings and the peace love and happiness it brings it’s my drug of choice like I said in the beginning of this THING it’s my THING and THE VOODOO CHILD JIMI HENDRIX has a gr8 song with over 6 million views called LITTLE WING and I like 2 hear DUA LIPA sing LEVITATING and SHINEDOWN ROCKS on
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share we all have a THING that makes our minds swing and our hearts sing that makes our ears ring and our gets our feet 2 dancing as we enjoy the lives we live being Queens or a king on your little peace of god’s gr8 earth chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray
with the one u love doing your
☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️

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