🤸🏿‍♀️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸 H E L L O 🤸🤸‍♂️🤸🏿‍♀️
✍️hey HELLO I thought I would let uall know that I haven’t indulged on any alcohol at all 4 over 84 months and I am doing cartwheels living life as happy as can b from head 2 toe as I continue my journey in2 the future with my mind heart and soul full of peace love and happiness and I am good 2 go my brain is where I gather my hidden treasures and plant the seeds of my imagination and pray that they grow my poetry is a crystal ball of thought that would never b caught if I didn’t concentrate on every pitch that I throw it makes me happy 2 c all the people that come 2 c LULUANDJSW @ aneyefullofearcandy being wild and crazy 4 free putting on our comedy smoke an mirror show
with LULU running by my side kissing my face and wagging her tail with our ship at full sail without fail every time the winds of fortune blow knowing the hands of the clock chase us all the time without reason or rhyme from the cradle 2 the grave and thats y I like 2 spend mine laying low burning a big fatty taking it slow watching humanity as it passes by the pane of glass outside of my picture window October is a gr8 month full of amazing things 2 do we have Breast Care Awareness events 4 us 2 do trying 2 help those in need with the hardships they r going through and we all can make a huge impact on peoples lives that need help that can b supplied by time and effort put forth by me and you so everyone everywhere outthere Think Pink 💝the whole month thru and we also have Octoberfests 2 enjoy the whole month diving in2 the different cultures celebrated in other parts of the world and Taste there impeccable and delectable delicacy’s and catch a good beer buzz consuming Steins full of there many satisfying and delicious hops malt Pilsner and Lager tastebud satisfying brews so
try 2 drink responsibly so u don’t wake up the next day trying 2 recover your head and body by paying your dues on the couch with the blues from overeating and floating a battleship around in your belly from drinking 2 much booze on Sunday October 9th we will b blessed with the FULLHUNTERMOON or the FULLBLOODMOON so keep your EYES2THESKY because it will b here real soon floating way up high in the sky like the worlds biggest Stringless Cheddar Cheese Balloon and we can all sing 2gether as one 2 the ManOnTheMoon that old awesome beautiful and amazing Dean Martin AMORE TUNE and the next thing we know it’s a holiday that can’t b beat called HALLOWEEN that is a fantabulous time 4 all the kids 2 TRICK OR TREAT in search of some good sweet treats 2 eat decked out as magnificent and thrilling action figures and iconic people and scary costumes from the tops of there heads 2 the shoes on there feet never knowing who will b the next surprise ringing your doorbell 4 u 2 greet and try and guess the all the names of the children u meet trying 2 fulfill all there hopes wishes and dreams parading in your neighborhood and on your street that u r blessed by the heavens above 2 greet on this universal costume party that happens on every October 31st that can’t b beat and makes every little boy and girls year complete
💝🌝🎃🍺BYOU 💝🌝🎃🍺
we r all unique creatures set free on our own path 2 do whatever we want 2 everyones life is a gift given by god that was created with peace love and happiness out of human clay especially just 4 YOU

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