👁 👁 👁 E Y E 👁 👁 👁 😎
✍️ EYE know everyone that stops by aneyefullofearcandy might not feel the same way as me or read what 👁 think and say ok 👁 can look at this and c it EYE 2 EYE ✍️ Luscious Jackson had a gr8 song on there second album Fever In Fever Out in 1996 called NAKED EYE ✍️ the clock is the real thief in everyone’s life that causes us all a ton of grief and disbelief and brings a tear 2 my EYE as EYE watch it go sailing by without saying hello or goodbye like a jet flying thru the sky and 👁 know 👁 will never catch up 2 it no matter how hard 👁 try ✍️ everyone’s life is a book each day a new paragraph about being happy as a cage free Giraffe or laughing like John Nash when he figured out all the secrets 2 math and some we frown like a sad clown getting kicked out of town or like being one of the Flying Wallendas Troupe who died tragically when they fell down 2 the ground with a tear in your EYE putting on some wader’s 2 keep your feet dry while standing in the river that u cry life is all about ups and downs and our father who art in heaven is the only one who knows all the reasons Y✍️ they say when u cough u get off we all have some habit or vice that sends our minds on a trip 2 paradise because whatever it is it makes us feel so nice win or lose it’s worth the gamble every time we roll the dice and we knew the first time we did it that we were definitely going 2 do it again a lot more than twice running thru a maze like we r trained pied piper mice paying the price never taking good advice like your head was a block of ice as 4 myself what 👁 do 👁 don’t condone it 4 anyone else 👁 don’t drink or take drugs but 👁 like 2 burn a big fatty and getting a cottonmouth so dry 👁 could spit a pair of socks if 👁 try and laugh so hard that 👁 cry it’s just part of the fun 👁 have when 👁 get HIGH and when 👁 get my angels wings and 👁 am given permission 2 fly u can roll me up and smoke me when 👁 die ✍️ some of the best things in life r free they r not material things that money can buy that’s why 👁 always keep my EYES2THESKY 2 try and catch a shooting star flying by or a FullMoon filling up the night sky and sunrise’s and sunsets that make u sigh and in the back of your mind u think wow when it comes 2 the natural wonders of awesome beautiful and amazing eyecandy skyart god has a magically mystifying all seeing EYE 2 b able 2 create a precious and fragile butterfly or a place like heaven 4 all life 2 go when we die belief faith and more time 2 live r 3 things in life that money can’t buy it’s what 👁 say when 👁 pray that keeps the path of light lit as 👁 live love laugh and play with a smile on my face everynight and everyday that makes the life 👁 live and the world 👁 live it in a better place 2 stay all the way 2 the time 👁 pass away and 👁 meet old Saint Pete at the pearly gates and tell him peace hangloose iloveu ok seeing is believing when 👁 can check out the other side 4 myself with my own naked 👁EYE👁there is a cool song 👁 love by a gr8 Rock and Roll band called Judas Priest on there 1982 album Screaming For Vengeance with over 20 million views titled ELECTRIC EYE👁

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