✍️ANDTHEBEATGOESON everyday from dusk til dawn while u r alive and long after u r dead and gone when I was young some nights when I was high as the moon in the sky I would wake up in the morning and find my truck on the front lawn and cops banging on my door telling me 2 hit the floor with there guns drawn it’s deep inside the mind where the best and the craziest dreams and nightmares spawn never sell your soul 4 the love of dough or sacrifice your body like a chess game pawn
Sonny & Cher have a song with over 2 million views titled
✍️some of us have baggage that is more like freight that weighs us down with the anchors we tow that eventually drag us under struggling 2 handle the weight life is tough and the older u get the Goin gets rough some days u smile away the day come what may and some daze u swear 2 god that u had enough and u roll a fat one and take a big puff of that skunky stuff and play blind man’s bluff say what u think and let the words fly straight off the cuff push your feelings 2 the edge of your mind and give them a shove
If u want some love u have 2 give some love the bird of peace is a white winged dove they say when we pass away all of our thoughts from the beginning 2 the end will b the only things we leave this life thinking of it makes me cry when I think about all of the friends and family that I lost that now live in the house’s of the holy floating in the sky’s above ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌✍️
✍️2 everyone everywhere outthere the best daze of your life r still on the way u ain’t seen nothing yet in 1974 Bachman Turner Overdrive did a song that now has over 18 million views called You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet the year I was born 56 is my favorite Corvette and cherry 🍒 red would b my favorite color and that’s a bet and if I play my cards right that’s a dream I hope I live 2 c it would b my own little fantasy and a heavenly gift from god that I would b blessed 2 get I choose 2 live my life like the Wallendas crossing Times Square 25 stories off the street on a tight rope without a net live your life while u r young and strong because time flys by like a jet and it don’t last long don’t wait until it’s 2 late 2 get your feet wet if u want 2 live the good life u have 2 follow your heart and the goals u set u win some and u lose some failure means at least u tried and is just the learning process 2 finding out it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears 2 earn the things in this world that u hope wish dream and pray 2 get doing everything your way without regret Donna is the most awesome beautiful and amazing human being I have ever met I knew the first time I saw her my future was already planned and set I knew 4 the rest of my life we would b an inseparable duet when I go 2 the otherside I look 2 c Toby Igor Tricky and Pumpkin because they were my best friends in this life and I never ever thought of any of them as something i owned or just a simple house pet I gave back my astronauts helmet and suit 2 NASA when I turned 30 because I no longer wanted 2 b a space cadet everything u live and learn growing up in this world r all lessons in your life about right and wrong that u should never 4get and like I said in the beginning of this thing it’s better 2 b here than it is 2 b gone always let the imagination in your mind b the place where all your hopes wishes and dreams spawn trust your thoughts that u think
2 create the master plans of your life b4 they r laid out and drawn let your brain b the train u ride everyday from dusk until dawn and alway remember with or without u it doesn’t matter weather u r here or gone just like the words in Sonny And Cher’s song drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain 🥁🧠🥁🧠🥁🧠🥁🧠
✌️🤙🤟👌JSW ✌️🤙🤟👌
Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good 2 Eat
On November 8th Tuesday 2022 the Beaver Full Moon accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon will b here real soon and we all can sing that gr8 old Dean Martin Amore Tune I hope the weather goes our way and we all get 2 watch the man on the moon live love laugh and play

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