🦃heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere I hope uall have a awesome beautiful and amazing fantabulous HappyThanksgivingDay and everything u hope wish dream and pray goes your way u know what they say every dog has his day don’t live a life that is all work and no play always smile come what may it’s all child’s play it’s good 2 pray b4 u hit the hay it’s what u do not what u say crime doesn’t pay u have 2 pay 2 play if there is a Will there is a way make your move right away or things might not happen until light years away the day after
ThanksGivingDay is Black Friday sometimes the imagination drifts and it doesn’t realize it and the mind gets lost in space miles away 2day is just another day just like yesterday and by the looks of it tomorrow is going 2 b the same way how about if we compromise and u meet me halfway and we both make out at the end of the day 2morrow is not promised 2 anyone keep on breathing and don’t pass away chill out and enjoy a slow day don’t do anything foolish and rub someone the wrong way it scares me 2 think how it takes my breath away like a school trip have a field day go all in and let the chips fall where they may don’t let your house of cards blow away walk tall just like back in the day everything is 50 – 50 u win the day or u call it a day we r all made by gods hands using human clay learn 2 live 2 love another day oh yeah by the way I wasn’t born yesterday don’t hold me at bay in a bad way or lead me astray let’s go have a Carvel’s hot fudge Sunday let’s do it my way or the highway while the cats away the mice will play always make plans 2 take a roll in the hay be wise and think smart about the time u slay take a hit of this and get blown away everyday remember 2 put your smile on display we drive on the parkway and we park in the driveway my my hey hey rock and roll is here 2 stay Julius Erving is Dr. J the Steve Miller Band plays Living In The U.S.A.
Daniel Powter has a song with 225 million views titled Bad Day U2 says it’s a Beautiful Day Alan Parsons sings about the games people play and Frank Sinatra said I Did It My Way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY peace hangloose iloveu ok😍🥰😘

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